Marriage horoscope: Everything you need to know

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Marriage prediction is the way of predicting an individual’s marriage life by his/her birth chart to know suitable age and time for marriage. Birth chart has many houses in it which signifies every aspect of life respectively but the 7th house of it represents our marriage life. With spouse prediction by date of birth and time free service you will be able to know everything for upcoming married life.

Other than marriage prediction you will get all other related solutions to the late marriage problems, second marriage possibilities and doshas that affect the marriage.

Astrological compatibility for marriage

Astrological compatibility takes the most important part during marriage prediction. It is a study of astrology that compares relationships with natal chart. A natal chart consists of the positions of planets in solar system and the zodiac sign at the exact time of a person’s birth. The respective positions of planets represent whether the relationship will be a positive or negative in coming future. Other than Vedic astrology which is Indian astrology some other astrology are like western astrology and Chinese astrology too also have a strong believe in compatibility regarding marriage horoscope by date of birth and Zodiac signs in natal chart.

  1. When will I get married and to whom?
  2. when will I get married Indian astrology?
  3. when will I get married accurate?

 These are some questions which may arise in your mind but not to worry we will give you all accurate solutions.

Solutions for Late marriage problem

There are 16 sanskaras in Hindu religion from which marriage prediction is one of it. Late marriage is the most common problem now which is mostly faced in Indian society. Late Marriage may have many different reasons. Not getting a perfect match is one of the most common reason of all. In between 20-30 age most of the people get married. Misplacement of planets in the houses of natal chart is the cause of marriage delay. Other than this there are many causes which leads to late marriage some are as followed:

  • Not getting a perfect match
  • Not comfortable with career and job
  • Waiting for the person whom you love
  • Getting a good partner reduces with the increase in age
  • Childbirth issue arises with age
  • Getting financially unstable with the rise in age

Not to worry we provide the best marriage horoscope by name service for free online by which you can solve your late marriage issue.

Know whether you will have love or arranged marriage?

As per Vedic Astrology 7th house in the natal chart is important. Venus is auspicious planet for men. Mars or Jupiter are auspicious for women. If they are strongly placed and well located then the marriage will be a perfect match. If the gods and goddess of the 2nd, 7th ,11th houses are making a good relation along with the sun or moon, then it results in arranged marriage with parent’s concern.

The 5th house in marriage horoscope represents love, romance and 7th house represent the marriage. If there is any certain connection between 5th house lord and 7th house lord then it is going to be a love marriage. The positions of planets like Venus, mars or moon on the 7th house will give you a partner as per you choice. Moon’s position in the 5th, 7th , 0r 12th house in marriage horoscope then you will marry a partner of your choice.

Here, We provide Love or arranged marriage prediction by date of birth online free service that will give you solutions and get report for free.

Benefits of marriage prediction report

With our True marriage predictions service with just entering name, birth date, birth time and what place you have born you will get a report that includes

  • Marriage time
  • Whether it is arranged or love marriage
  • Details of future partner
  • Solutions to late marriage
  • Analysis to all doshas during marriage
  • Compatibility solutions
  • Stability of marriage
  • Solutions to better marriage life


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