Mauritius: Spend A Dream Vacation!

In this article about the island of Mauritius, what are the things to see here? What is the right time to visit Mauritius? In this article about the island of Mauritius, what are the things to see here? What is the right time to visit Mauritius? Also, we have also told you about its history.

About Mauritius – Location, and History

In the Indian Ocean, in Southern Africa, there is an archipelago called Mauritius. Blessed with a tropical climate, beautiful white beaches, turquoise blue waters, amazing flora & fauna, it is host to a multi-ethnic, culturally rich population. This exotic island was discovered by the Portuguese in 1505. After them, it was held by the Dutch, French, and British. Mauritius attained its independence in 1968. Since then, Mauritius has developed remarkably to being a diversified economy where industrial, financial & tourism sectors are quite big. It has come a long way from the time it was a low-income, agriculturally based economy. Today Mauritius is a free democracy with beautiful Port Louis as its capital. Although Mauritius doesn’t have any official language, English is widely used all over the country. Mauritian Creole is the official spoken language followed by French is also fluently spoken by the locals.


Things to Do in Mauritius

Mauritius is an adventure lovers’ dream. It has it all from Scuba diving, Snorkeling - Snorkeling is the practice of swimming on or through a body of water while equipped with a diving mask, a shaped breathing tube called a snorkel, and usually a swimmer. In cold water, a wetsuit can also be worn. parasailing, sky diving, kayaking, dolphin watching to ATV offroading, underwater scooter, and kite surfing to name a few. It is rich with pristine beaches, epic adventures, a plethora of luxurious hotel options, mouth-watering delicacies & unforgettable memories.


Beaches of Mauritius

All these adventures can be experienced at all the beaches along Mauritius’ shoreline, Grand Baie, Aux Cerfs, Flic en Flac beach, Trou Aux Cerfs. Must visit Casela Bird Park, Pamplemousses Gardens, Grand Bassin. The list just doesn’t end there.



The climate in the coastal areas is warmer than the Central Plateau. The West coast is the hottest, whereas the East coast is the windiest. The hottest months are from December to February. June to August are the coolest months with October being the driest month. There is as such no rainy or wet season.


Best Time to Visit Mauritius

Mauritius mainly has just two seasons, summer & winter. Temperature more or less remains similar in both seasons, varying from 20 degrees C to about 30 degrees. The warmest months being January & February. From May to December the weather is cool, dry & sunny, hence it is the best time to visit Mauritius. July and August are the coolest months and the lowest nighttime temperatures sometimes go as low as 16 degrees.


Perfect Mauritius Holiday Package

A perfect Mauritius Holiday Packages should include all its wild adventures, the experience of luxury, delectable local seafood pristine white beaches, and its warm seawater. Must see places would include the attractions of Mauritius like Grand Bay, Pereybere, Balaclava Ruins, The Triolet Shivala, Casela Bird Park, The Caudan waterfront & Bazaar of Port Louis for local handicraft, SSR Botanical Garden, Aquarium.

Must visit Grand Baie for pubs, stores, restaurants & clubs. Avail of all adventure activities at Ile Aux Cerfs, including a Submarine ride. Hiking, trekking, tandem sky diving, sea kayaking, windsurfing are a few more adventures to lure the hardcore wild adventurers. A perfect place to make memories of an adventure-filled holiday.