MaxiSys 919

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Autel MaxiSys MS919

maxisys ms919

The latest MaxiSys MS919 shares exactly the very same software application and also multi-purpose VCMI as the MaxiSys Ultra, but the analysis tablet is without the docking terminal, has a smaller sized display and smaller sized memory.

The great thing about the  MaxiSys MS919 represents exceptional value for cash, preserving all the software program and VCMI functions of the MaxiSys Ultra

The MaxiSys 919 incorporates diagnostics, solutionconsiderable live datanetwork coding, and ECU re-flashing. The MS919 has MaxiFLASH VCMI with an integrated OscilloscopeMultimeter, Signal Generator, and also OBD Bus Examine Features, and links to the Ultra utilizing Wi-fi, so significantly raising the communication speeds. The all-new VCMI additionally has actually Enhanced Protocol Compatibility and sustains D-PDURP1210CANFDJ2534 and DoIP procedures.

The MaxiSys MS919 has all new software professional abilities that we have named Repair AssistanceDTC AnalysisTopology Mapping, and Relevant Cases.

MaxiSys MS919 Features:

  • Extended 2 years warranty
  • 2-years Software free updates included (Automax Tools Customer’s Only)
  • 80+ Manufacturers (Vehicle Coverage)
  • Full diagnostics
  • 26 Service Functions
  • Channel coding and programming
  • MaxiFlash VCMI included
  • Built-In Oscilloscope
  • Built-In Waveform Generator
  • Built-In Multimeter
  • Built-In CAN bus Check

  • Oscilloscope – The 4 Channel Oscilloscope of MaxiSys MS919 is faster with 20MHz Bandwidth, more accurate with 80MS/s sampling data rate, and a 32M memory buffer that stores more complex signals, zoom and replay.
  • MaxiSys MS919 pre-set Guided Test and Waveform Library instructs technician’s on use and fault analysis We also provide a large number of cloud preset cases, including connection diagrams, waveform library, reference waveforms, fault case analysis and one-press waveform settings.

  • Waveform Generator – The Waveform Generator of MaxiSys MS919 is used to test a sensor, an actuator, or an ECU without the need to replace them one by one to identify the fault. This is done by simulating signals of various sensors and ECUs, identifying hardware issues.
  • Simulates sensor signals to quickly diagnose ECU, sensor, and wiring harness issues;
  • Simulates ECU signals to perform active tests to verify functions of certain parts (Electronic fan, solenoid valves etc);
  • Simulates actuator signals and verifies the communication status between the actuator and ECU (Electronic fan, solenoid valve, headlight)

  • Multimeter – The professional Multimeter will measure Voltage, Current, Resistance, Diode, Frequency/Period, Duty Cycle, Connectivity and Pulse Width.
  • CAN Bus Check – The CAN Bus Check of MaxiSys MS919 can quickly determine whether the OBD pins are functioning correctly.
  • J2534, DoIP Bus, CAN-FD Bus, RP1210 and D-PDU – The Autel VCMI supplied with the Ultra and MS919 supports all the very latest communciation and application programming interface protocols.

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