Mosquito bite with consequences

Bites from mosquitoes, brakes or horseflies cause dangerous wound infections this summer. Both newly discovered tropical species or species may be responsible for the infections.

Many patients suffer from wound infections

Calla Katharina Wilhelm can no longer say which insect it was that struck. Probably a mosquito.

"All I noticed was that my wrist was getting fatter, and then it was getting red. And the redness has grown over the elbow in the next 24 hours at a speed that I got really scared and then thought to go to the doctor. "

Encapsulated insect bite:

That's how you recognize it and that's how you treat it

An encapsulated insect bite is not a health problem, but often an optical one. So you get rid of an encapsulated insect bite.

Encapsulated insect bite: Does he have to be treated?

What is the difference between soft and hard fibroma?

How do I remove a hardened mosquito bite?

Do you know that, too? An insect bite or a root of the hair ignite and the remains are a dark Hautknubbel that does not disappear. This is a so-called hard FIbrom. From a medical point of view, you do not know why a hard fibroma develops. It is only clear that it is scarring due to irritation of the skin.

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Physicians speak of a "Wundrose" when the skin reddens after an insect bite large area. This year, significantly more people are affected. Once there are more mosquitoes, consequence of the floods in Germany. And besides, according to Dr. Julia Borger, internist from Hanover, the blood-sucking pest spirits are particularly aggressive this year:

"I could imagine that this is related to the fact that the insects may be more aggressive overall - by environmental toxins, for example, so that a local reaction is more severe, and by scratching the germs are simply brought into the tissue."

The germs are not from the insect. Rather, it is bacteria, especially streptococci, that settle on the human skin. As the stings itch strongly, the pathogens are rubbed into the wound and trigger the infection there, explains Professor Matthias Stoll of the Hannover Medical School:

"There comes out lymph. This, of course, is an "ideal breeding ground", so to speak, then the streptococci can multiply on the surface, and then they have their enzyme set and can thus move in depth to a certain extent.

Streptococci are aggressive agents. If they get into the bloodstream, sepsis threatens - in the worst case multi-organ failure with fatal consequences. Above all, older people with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes are at risk. Younger people also get sick, but usually not so hard. In all cases applies: to the doctor, if a Wundrose indicates.

Julia Börger:

"" One recognizes this first by the reddening of the puncture site, which then but quickly becomes larger, gets hot, hurts, continues to spread, is relatively smoothly limited to the still healthy surrounding tissue. "

The redness starts a few hours after the infection and spreads quickly. Luckily, the streptococci are relatively easy to treat. Once again Prof. Stoll.

"The treatment of choice is the classic, old penicillin, because you can dose it incredibly high without it harming the body, it is mainly harmful to this type of pathogen and does not destroy all the other bacteria that are present in the body but relatively few, which means less side effects.

Those who do not scratch the puncture site have a good chance of avoiding infection. Therefore, ointments that prevent the itching, a good choice. Just do not spit. Saliva also contains streptococci, especially in the case of caries. In principle, the bacteria can become a problem with every wound. In the case of insect bites, however, the danger of a wound rose is particularly great, warns Dr. Jochen Wedemeyer from the Robert Koch Hospital in Gehrden near Hannover:

"The most important thing is - I do not think - itching. By scratching, we open up the skin and thus represent a portal of entry for pathogens. It's best just to keep your fingers off.

What happens with mosquito bites?

Mosquitoes pierce their victims to get their blood. About body heat and the body odor mosquitoes locate their victims. Once they have found one, they sting it. They introduce two tubes into the body. One is injected with saliva, which contains vasodilatory, analgesic and anticoagulant substances. Thus, blood can be sucked out through the other tube, without this clots and clogged the tube. Due to the analgesic substances a sting is rarely noticed and the mosquitoes can fly away unnoticed after successful lancing. Humans only notice mosquito bites when the mosquito hits or touches a nerve area directly.

Blood-sucking mosquitoInjected saliva in humans causes histamine release in the skin. These cause an allergic reaction with swelling (wheals), itching and redness. So it would be more pleasant if you can completely prevent mosquito bites. There are various protective measures for this purpose, e.g. Mosquito repellents, mosquito nets, impregnated clothing and mosquito nets.

Are mosquito bites dangerous?

In Germany, mosquitoes rarely transmit diseases. The danger here is rather to get a bacterial infection by scratching. The mosquito bite should then be disinfected and, if necessary, treated antiseptically.

Dangerous diseases such as malaria, dengue fever or yellow fever are transmitted by mosquitoes, especially in tropical regions. If you are planning a tropical holiday, you should inform yourself about mosquito repellent in the tropics and see what preparations you should make to be able to enjoy the holiday in a relaxed way.

When should you see a doctor?

You should consult a doctor after a mosquito bite, if it comes to a pronounced reaction, the redness continues to spread or you get chills and fever. After a trip to the tropics, you should consult a doctor early, if you observe unusual reactions.

Treatment of mosquito bites

If you were caught by a mosquito, then you should treat the mosquito bite as quickly as possible to quench the itch and not scratch the mosquito bite sore. In the following we introduce some methods.

The Stichheiler is an approximately hand-sized device, which is used for the external treatment of mosquito bites. A part of the pier healer is heated to about 50 ° Celsius and then held for a short time (3-5 seconds) on the mosquito bite. Due to the concentrated heat, the injected protein molecules are decomposed and the swelling and itching are weakened.


Gels, creams and ointments relieve the itching on the skin in case of mosquito bites via antiallergic agents. In addition, they cool and soothe the skin pleasantly. Information can be obtained in the pharmacy. Since these funds are over-the-counter, you can get them in drugstores.


Anyone who suffers from an itchy mosquito bite and currently has no pharmacy nearby can also resort to tried and tested home remedies for the treatment of mosquito bites. Some of these home remedies are presented here.


This article is about people who are particularly sensitive to mosquito bites, i. who have an allergy to mosquito bites. It explains how to recognize an allergy and what to do about it. In addition, treatment tips for mosquito bites are given in an allergic reaction.


In case of an allergic reaction against mosquito bites or especially strong symptoms such as itching, swelling of the insect bite or skin reddening, antiallergic drugs (so-called histamine blockers) can help. These are presented here.

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