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Because of one's rehashed dietary thoughtless activities, poor exercise examples, way of life, and hereditary inclination, our stomach related proteins, metabolic co‐factors and doshas become uneven. This can prompt the aggregation and spread of poisons all through the physiology bringing about ailment. Panchakarma, signifying "5 activities" is a lot of five purging, detoxifying medicines that adjusts abundance doshas and revives the entire body.





The first step for all of our packages is a holistic assessment across your health by our resident doctor. He will look at the whole picture of your health and try to achieve a full understanding of you as a person. To do this, they will determine your constitution, appraise the balance of your doshas, the health of your dhatus (tissues), the strength of your agni (digestive fire) as well as your ojas (immunity) and sattva (mental harmony). This will involve asking you questions on topics such as your lifestyle, diet, personal and professional life, as well as your medical history and any current problems. Knowing your level of ojas and state of mind will influence your ability to recover well, while knowing your constitution will provide insight into which of your doshas are most likely to be in excess and which therapies or treatment plan suits you best.




During your Ayurvedic diagnosis, the doctor will recommend a number of treatments that aim to pacify your doshas and strengthen your dhatus (tissues). They require the application of therapeutic substances – such as oils or powders – directly onto the body. The doctor and therapists will choose specific herbs, oils and substances that pacify your relevant dosha – for e.g. if your vata is in excess, you would be recommended a massage using sesame oil. Sanjeevanam’s spa menu outlines the list of therapies that the doctor will prescribe depending on your Ayurvedic diagnosis (pro tip: receive the spa menu in your inbox when you sign up for our Ayurveda e-book!)




Nutrition is called “the great medicine” in Ayurveda – a wholesome, well-balanced diet is the foundation of health, strength & happiness for both mind and body. At Sanjeevanam, we create meals as a part of your package that keep in mind the 8 guiding principles that ensure the food that you eat has the power of healing – ORIGIN (regional foods that are fresh and ripe, rather than imported food), TIMING (the seasons and time of day i.e. rich, nourishing meals during winter, light, cool meals during summer and making lunch your biggest meal), QUALITY (organic, freshly made without any processed foods), COMBINATION (avoiding incompatible foods such as ghee and honey), QUANTITY (not too much, and not too little), PREPARATION (ideally, heated and cooked food which is easiest to absorb), YOUR SURROUNDINGS (eating in a place area meant for meals) and last, but not least, YOU (pace your eating – the healthiest food can become poison if you are in a hurry or stressed). Ask our chef to teach you recipes so you can take them back home with you and continue the Ayurvedic lifestyle at home.




Tracing their origins back to the oldest Indian scriptures (Charaka Samhita included), Yoga and Ayurveda go hand in hand as sister sciences. If yoga is performed correctly, it will help people of all doshas improve their physical and mental health. A lot of people associate yoga mostly with the different asanas (yoga poses), but each asana is supported by rhythmic breathing to control energy levels (pranayama) and short periods of relaxation. While performing an asana, one must be simultaneously trying to achieve posture, breath control and relaxation. The yoga classes at Sanjeevanam aim to go hand in hand with Ayurvedic principles in teaching you these three things – Pranayama (controlling the breath), Asanas (various poses to increase circulation and flexibility) and Savasana (relaxation exercises between and at the end of yoga sessions). Yoga combined with the Ayurvedic treatment and cuisine forms the basis of the holistic healing supported in Sanjeevanam.




Most importantly, Sanjeevanam’s entire aim through each of the packages is to ultimately bring peace and balance to your minds. According to Ayurvedic and Yogic scriptures, the mind is a subtle energy field and is continuously reacting to the information we receive from our physical senses. The three gunas – Satta, Rajas and Tamas – are the three energies of the mind. Sattva is the energy of harmony and clarity, Rajas is that of movement and agitation and Tamas is that of inertia and contradiction. At Sanjeevanam, our goal through Ayurvedic therapies, food and yoga is to make sattva the predominant guna of your mind. Our friendly staff, organized excursions, open walkways & many hidden nooks around the property make it the perfect place for you to self-reflect and imbibe positive thinking into a part of your healing journey.





Joint agony maladies are caused because of fiery changes in the joint case, muscles or tendons, and ligaments. In a couple of cases, the bone may likewise experience a couple of changes. These sorts of joint torments by and large influence the musculoskeletal framework just as the connective tissue of a specific district. Some non-fiery joint maladies in some cases cause serious issues in portability and developments. At Sanjeevanam, we give Ayurvedic solution for joint pain, knee torment, back agony, spondylitis, slip plate, stiffness, and other joint-related diseases including Spondylosis, Post Traumatic or Accident-Related Problems and Sports Injuries.


One of the best solutions for relieving joint sicknesses particularly for joint inflammation and osteoarthritis is demonstrated to be the ayurvedic strategy. Ayurveda has the ability to fix most invulnerable related issues viably. Our skeletal framework gets deteriorated with age, abuse, inactive propensity and absence of sustenance for which Sanjeevanam's Ayurveda offers a far reaching fix focusing on bone and joints.




One of the significant explanations behind inability these days is brought about by the joint inflammation illness which causes torment and aggravation in the joints, most normally in the knee joint. Joint inflammation can be of different kinds, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid joint pain, Gout, and so forth. The manifestations of this malady can be seen after a particular age contingent upon the sort of joint inflammation and the joints in question.


Joint irritation is the most generally perceived disease over the globe. Joint inflammation is seen as perhaps the most compelling motivation for long haul torment in joints influencing people all over the place. Rheumatoid joint agony and osteoarthritis are generally prevalent among these gatherings of sicknesses relying on the various circumstances. There are different ayurvedic medicines for joint inflammation in Kerala in which they utilize an alternate sort of strategies with characteristic items on the particular joint torment. Kerala has a specialization with ayurvedic medicines in joint pain and osteoarthritis.




There are different components that cause this ailment like terrible food propensities, hereditary inclination, and so on. The undesirable eating regimen and way of life are the normal causes in old individuals for joint torment. Different reasons causing joint inflammation and osteoarthritis in youngsters are weight, truly inert way of life, certain food propensities, any past wounds, hypersensitive response, and stress.




The bundle is intended to lessen joint aggravation and torment, evacuate poisons and free radicals, check autoimmunity, quicken tissue fix and fortify bones and muscles. With inward prescription, the key medicines performed incorporate Abhyangam, Pizhichil, Kizhi, and Vasthi among others.




Ayurveda is India's greatest commitment to humankind for human life span and prosperity it the most characteristic structure conceivable. Ayurvedic treatment has been created through numerous clinical practices by a few ages of professionals. To acquire ordinary wellbeing from ayurvedic medicines you have to rehearse it every day and follow an appropriate daily schedule to get the best outcomes. If not followed appropriately, because of the quick and current way of life nowadays, some symptoms can be seen after some time like insusceptible insufficiency, hypersensitive responses, and see the raised decay of your wellbeing.




Ayurvedic treatment for joint inflammation in Kerala's program will give you critical outcomes. After the correct ayurvedic treatment for osteoarthritis in Kerala, you will feel fundamentally lesser torment, an expanded degree of vitality inside you, alongside the reinforcing of your joint also. Sanjeevanam's treatment won't just gives you a quick control of torment and firmness on your joint yet additionally offer rest to the provocative procedure.


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