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Segways are not considered motor vehicles under federal law. Therefore, they are not regulated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


A year ago, city governments in some European capitals proclaimed battle on the Segways that overwhelmed the vacationer zones of urban communities. In November, a law came into power limiting development on self-adjusting gadgets in the focal point of Prague Hoverboards has been functioning as a segway control in the Czech capital for quite a while. For 34travel, he discussed what the new principles have meant for his organization and how he discovers shared belief with a wide assortment of travelers.


- How did you become a segway control?


- I went to the organization as an advertiser and from the start I was associated with the illicit part, in light of the fact that in the downtown area any promoting is precluded whatsoever. I went to the square in the downtown area, gotten vacationers and offered segways, carried them to the workplace, and the aides were at that point going with these sightseers of mine. The work was not excellent, it was important to convince individuals. At that point I myself was offered to skate Russian visits, I "marked" somewhat, however skated. And afterward he started to move English-talking visits. It's a lot simpler now, since I'm not searching for customers, yet an organization. Fundamentally, all representatives are understudies, they come to work just on summer get-aways, and in winter I work practically alone.




- How has the new law influenced your work?


- The law, which turned out in August, precluded development in the downtown area on all self-adjusting gadgets. Restricted segways, yet in addition one wheel, hoverboards, ninbots - various kinds of machines that self-balance on spinners. The public authority had two months to introduce the proper street signs in the downtown area. So we actually skated until the finish of November. Furthermore, the European Union has a standard that if another law harms your business, you can interest an European court. The supervisor of my organization is the top of the segway relationship in the Czech Republic. Incidentally, regardless of whether nobody has visits, we actually have.


He comprehended that such a circumstance could emerge, so the organization purchased electric bikes. Presently we have segways, electric bikes, electric bikes, bicycles and electric bicycles. In the event that prior we had a visit through the recorded piece of the city, presently we simply leave for those zones where you can ride a segway. Prague is separated into 22 sections, Prague-1 is the downtown area. Every unit has its own "city hall leader", headman. The Mayor of Prague 6 said he would not boycott segways in his piece of the city since he, at the end of the day, has a segway that he drives. Presently we are doing a particularly consolidated visit so you can ride an electric bike through the verifiable part, at that point drive to the recreation center, ride a segway and return back on electric bikes, in Czech it is "kolobezhka".


"The Mayor of Prague 6 said that he won't boycott segways in his piece of the city, since he, at the end of the day, has a segway that he drives."


The manager of the Czech Forbes composed an article about segways. Prague-1 is isolated into 4 sections: Stare Mesto, Mala Strana, Hradcany and Nove Mesto - this is the middle. So he composed that in Mala Strana, these segways, continually getting underneath, became ill of it, yet he totally can't help contradicting the public authority's choice to boycott segways. It is fundamental not to forbid, however to attempt to manage, that is, concoct a few standards. Bikes ride on bicycle ways, for what reason don't we ride there in any event? Or then again open a few sections, leave the passages, notice a few principles, with protective caps, with a speed limit.


- Did you, at the end of the day, have any mishaps with segways?


- Throughout my work insight, I have possibly had one situation when a customer broke her little finger. Individuals are despondent regularly. However, we attempt to be cool and discover contact with everybody. On the off chance that you are driving on a thin walkway and there is one individual before you, at that point you ask him to amenably pass. On the off chance that he begins to be inconsiderate and say that I will not go anyplace (which normally occurs), you simply follow him smoothly. As a rule, there are sufficient nearby psychos here, who from the outset scared, yet now they simply entertain.


"In high season you stroll down the road and don't hear Czech - just outsiders"


Albeit local people can be perceived - there are a great deal of sightseers in Prague. In high season you stroll down the road and don't hear Czech - just outsiders. In this manner, indeed, they presumably meddle. Then again, the travel industry is one of the fundamental enterprises of the Czech economy - the travel industry, lager and Skoda. Sightseers bring a ton of cash, this should be considered.


I generally keep customers, particularly in the event that the gathering is enormous, in one line, at that point it is more advantageous to move between individuals. You generally attempt to move around where relatively few individuals stroll, through parks where you can really travel. Also, consistently at as far as possible, consistently clients in protective caps. Our segways hoverboards are protected, the customer doesn't pay if something occurs. However, there are organizations that drive without caps, without speed limits. However, even I, in spite of the fact that I have been going for three and a half years, attempt to be cautious. Regardless of whether there is some little knock, and you are surging at max throttle, at that point you need to hinder a bit, since you will take off the segway. A few customers on the fortitude here and there scatter and fall that way, obviously, and annihilate something.


"Regardless of whether there is some little knock, and you are hurrying at max throttle, at that point you need to hinder a bit, since you will take off the segway."


Segways were prohibited because of grumblings from residents and the quantity of mishaps. Be that as it may, the state doesn't actually recognize segways and a wide range of different things, Chinese variants. There was a circumstance when a lady was riding a ninboat, crossed the intersection, and she was hit by a cable car. So all the papers composed that she was on a segway. In any case, the ninbot is a Chinese plastic thing for 3 thousand euros, with minuscule wheels, you can convey it in your grasp, you truly need to keep an equilibrium to stand up to. Segway costs 8 thousand euros, it is so iron, sufficiently made, it has 6 whirligigs inside, which themselves keep the equilibrium. You stand loose on the stage. Everybody loves segways, and I likewise realize how to introduce it with the goal that it very well may be moved to any individual.


- So anybody can ride a segway?


- When I previously began, a few customers couldn't be put on segway. However, presently such an individual whom I can't instruct to ride a segway was basically not conceived. I had a man moving with a cast on his whole leg, from foot to knee. I skated with the outwardly debilitated and the consultation hindered. There several Irish individuals who could just understand lips. In some cases while driving, you caution you where you should be cautious, to go around. So we rode with them for two hours, and the following day they failed to remember me once more, since they understood that I realized how to function with them. The most established customer I had was 78 years of age, a grandma from Sweden. I don't have the foggiest idea what ought to occur on the visit to make me confounded.




- How would you concoct a program for your visits?


- Prague doesn't need a directing permit for segway visits. A permit is possibly required in the event that it is a mobile visit. On the segway, you are more a teacher than a guide. The electric bikes we ride currently speed up, so you talk more with clients at stops. In any case, you don't stack it for certain dates, styles, but instead you give out some significant realities. That the Prague TV tower was once called the second ugliest structure on the planet, which ruins the presence of the city. Furthermore, that there is a one room inn. Or then again that the Rolling Stones played in Prague in 1991 and paid for the full light of Prague Castle. Vaclav Havel sort of worked them out with a brew. Each guide thinks of his own program. Data on a segway visit is more similar to a reward: where to hang out, what to eat, where to go, what to see, more counsel.


"The most established customer I had was 78 years of age, a grandma from Sweden. I don't have a clue what ought to occur on the visit to make me befuddled "


In the event that in summer the three-hour visit is all around endured, presently in winter it is Dubak. I'm going in warm clothing, with electric insoles, prepared to be outside for 8 hours. What's more, the customers are freezing, so we actually sit for 30 minutes in the religious community of the sixteenth century in the brewery. Contingent upon what sort of clients we drink tea, espresso, hot wine or lager. The British couldn't care less, they even pour lager vulnerable.




- Don't you get exhausted of heading to similar spots?


- I am happy that now there is a chance to ride a bike, since this is at any rate something new. When all is said in done, I appreciate speaking with individuals, so on the off chance that I have a decent gathering, at that point I feel better. In the event that not, at that point I actually do so I feel better. In any case, you attempt to discover a way to deal with any individual and make him like it, at that point you, when all is said and done, are satisfied.


"Everybody here is extremely loose,Segways


In some cases it's difficult to go to a concurrence with Muscovites. They are utilized to this Moscow pace, the buzzing about. What's more, here everybody is exceptionally loose, I call the Czechs loosened up Belarusians. At the point when you work so a lot, you definitely realize some passage focuses. With Hindus, for instance, you need to discuss family, family is vital for them. In the event that you get some information about your family, they begin to regard you, and they attempt to tune in to your proposals, in spite of the fact that they are cool, they can't be coordinated. It is terrible when customers are late, in light of the fact that in the mid year the visits go significantly more than one, and in the event that somebody is late, at that point you start the visit later, finish later, and are late for different customers.


It is generally helpful to ride with the Americans. At the point when they come some place, they are an extended get-away, loose, fail to remember all that is at home. I additionally once had a Dubai family. We rode with them for a day, they gave me a € 100 tip. The following day I had a free day, yet the director called and said, these Arabs of yours came, they need to ride once more. Obviously,

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