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Narcolepsy And Sleep Apnea

Sleep problems have come into vogue nowadays due to which people often do not pay attention to the problem of sleep. Sleeplessness may be common in some unusual situations, but if this problem persists, you are also at increased risk of getting diseases like Narcolepsy and Sleep apnea. It is important for you to know about these diseases, so let's see some important things related to  Narcolepsy and Sleep apnea.



sleep apnia



In this disorder, the brain loses control of the sleep cycle. The symptoms of this disease are similar to the symptoms of insomnia, so confusion occurs in them. A person suffering from narcolepsy can occur at any time, which increases the chance of an accident in such patients.

In this disease, the patient has no control oversleep and at the same time, there is no clarity between sleep and awakening. Due to this, the patient, while awake, sees many dreams and nightmares. But even when this happens, he is unable to move his arms and legs. This condition is called sleep paralysis.


Sometimes a peculiar incident occurs with the patient. At the moment of laughing or impulse, his hands and feet become paralyzed or he falls while walking. He is awake, but cannot shake his limb even after wanting it. Medical science calls such muscle weakness cataplexy. Like sleep paralysis, cataplasia is an important symptom of narcolepsy.


Sleep Apnea

Even after sleeping all night, feeling tired in the morning, having laziness throughout the day, having mental problems, poor digestion, or having an effect on memory, constipation can be one of the reasons for sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a problem in which the patient's breath stops for some time while he is sleeping. During this time their body does not get full oxygen. His eyes open due to breathlessness and he starts to gasp as soon as he gets up. There are also some people who suffer from this problem, who do not even realize when they are aware that they are not breathing at bedtime, so they are breathing fast and feel strange nervousness.




Is there anyone around you suffering from such sleep symptoms? If so, neither make fun of him nor be insensitive to him. He needs consultation with a sleep medicine expert. There are many types of medicines available in the market for diagnosing sleeping disorders, but some medicines are good and some are nonsense. Choosing the right medicine for the treatment of the disease is an important task. The following medicines have been written about which are recognized as the most prevalent and good medicines of this disease.


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Ambien(Zolpidem) 10mg

Ambien(Zolpidem) works much faster than other medicines. After taking it, its effect starts in about 30 minutes and its effect reaches its peak in one hour. Its working time also depends on whether the patient took the extended-release version of the drug. We deliver the latest version of this medicine to your home at a very reasonable price.


Ambien lypin 10mg

Lypin 10mg Tablet improves your sleep quality as well as helps in treating many types of sleeping disorders. Lupin 10mg Tablet slows down brain activity to make you sleepy, making you feel relaxed and energetic. Lupin 10mg Tablet usually starts to affect your sleeping disorder within 7 to 10 days.


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