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New cigarettes packaging rules come into force

Looking for the custom printed packaging boxes with your own logo and design providing the best quality and Eco-friendly material boxes.

In the United States, the rules and standards for tobacco packaging are getting strict. With the increase in the number of smokers every year, tobacco companies have more restrictions now in terms of the quality of their tobacco and especially the packaging. They do not only have to print about the drawbacks of the cigarette smoking but they also have to imprint a picture that shows the abnormal conditions of human organs due to smoking. Hence, for every company, it is now necessary to come up with unique kinds of packaging that show the disadvantage of cigarette smoking and also promote their brand in the market.

Custom cigarette packaging is the only way through which a tobacco company can sell their pre-rolls and cigarettes. The only and best way in which they can pack cigarettes is the boxes as they are lightweight, offer resistance to breakage and keep the quality of the tobacco fresh and real. In the past, there were no such strict rules for Cigarette packaging the USA, but now it’s getting strict and the box manufacturers have to display health warnings under the Federal Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act given by the FDA. Hence the tobacco companies have to follow all these standards in order to launch their cigarettes.   

The quality for cardboard according to USA packaging rules
Now, there are strict rules in the USA for the packaging of cigarettes which must be followed by all the companies of cigarettes. Printing rules allow companies to mention their name, logo, address and contact details along with variant and product name on the boxes of cigarettes. The boxes of cigarettes should be printed with disadvantages of smoking as they are major sources of lung and several other cancers. There must be information about quitting smoking for the assistance of people to leave this bad habit. Crucial of all there must be mentioned the minimum age of sale as they are toxic for children to use.

More than this, it’s also important for companies to mention recycling symbols on the packaging of cigarette. It is essential for companies to use paper-backed silver foil inside of cigarette box which helps to retain smell of tobacco inside and as a result it doesn’t make non-smokers addictive to it. More than these companies should follow certain things about packaging like sealed bottom which reduces the risk of loss of cigarettes. They should use lamination cover over box to avoid opening of the box itself as they are flip-top style boxes.

Medicated cigarettes

Nowadays, while looking to several disadvantages of smoking people are trying to quit smoking in order to secure their health. Due to which companies struggled hard to find something which will influence in leaving such a bad habit. Medicated cigarettes are introduced in the market for the people who want to quit smoking. These cigarettes are quite similar to that of other cigarettes but they contain special medicine in them which resist affecting the health of humans. In addition to medicine, these cigarettes have filters at the cigarette buds which filter toxic smoke and avoid it to affect internal organs of the human body. These cigarettes serve as alternatives for those who want to quit smoking due to its worse effects on our health. After the discovery of these special cigarettes, lots of people leave toxic cigarettes and switch to this alternative. It is crucial for manufacturers of medicated cigarettes to use packaging in order to differentiate themselves from the rest of other cigarette companies. These manufacturers don’t print disadvantages of smoking as these cigarettes are not poisonous.

Difference between ordinary and medicated cigarettes

  • Ordinary cigarettes are toxic for humans’ health whereas medicated cigarettes are not.
  • Filters are used in the buds of medicated cigarettes but buds of ordinary cigarettes are simple.
  • Ordinary cigarette boxes have printed disadvantages of smoking whereas medicated cigarette boxes don’t have printed warnings about smoking.
  • There are two stock-keeping units (SKU) of ordinary cigarettes of 10 and 20 pieces; on the other hand, medicated cigarettes have only 1 SKU with 4-5 pieces.
  • Ordinary cigarettes are addictive; on the contrary, medicated cigarettes are to reduce addiction.
  • Ordinary cigarette boxes have flip-top style but medicated cigarette boxes have reverse tuck end style.
  • Lamination is used on the boxes of ordinary cigarettes; in contrast, medicated boxes don’t have lamination.

Branding and marketing

It is essential for any company to promote itself continuously to attract audience no matter how perfect their product is to use. Due to intense competition cigarette manufacturers have to promote their own brand to acquire a major market share. For this purpose, they design custom boxes in a unique way and decorate them with funky colors which convince customers to buy their product. These boxes will cover a large audience as this is a physical means of marketing. These boxes serve a major role in branding and marketing of companies of medicated cigarettes. As these greatly differ from other cigarette boxes because of lacking of warnings about smoking. These are especially different for several diseases which can be caused by smoking.

Common boxes shape and style

Usually, flip-top box style is used by several cigarette manufacturing companies which is easy to operate for the customers. The boxes of rectangular-shaped in common but boxes can be designed in any other desired shape. Generally, there are two sizes of cigarette packaging one is small and the other is large. Small boxes contain 10 cigarettes whereas big sized boxes have space for 20 cigarettes and no other stock keeping unit is present in the market. But medicated cigarettes companies have only one type of box which only contains 4 cigarettes. If you are a new entrant in the market you can easily differentiate yourself from existing competitors. For this purpose, you can design unique shape which will engage customers and you can try some new style boxes which are not being used yet. Furthermore, you can offer more than two stock-keeping units (SKU) according to the desires of people which will give you a competitive advantage.


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