New Holland, NH 70-56 4WD

New Holland, NH 70-56 4WD Specifications And Details

New Holland 70-56 4WD Tractor is an 85 horsepower diesel engine, obtainable in Pakistan. This tractor is being pretended in Pakistan by Malik Agro Industries.

New Holland, NH 70-56 4WD:

New Holland 70-56 4WD Tractor is an 85 horsepower diesel engine, obtainable in Pakistan. This tractor is being pretended in Pakistan by Malik Agro Industries. New Holland 7056 is more influential than NH640, which has identical HP but is 2-wheel drives. This tractor provides additional traction and consequently useful work competence. Its contestant model is Massey Ferguson MF 385 4WD tractor.

Malik Agro Industries is a corporation and occupy in manufacturing trading of farming machinery and implement. Malik Agro Industries has never compromised on quality lingering always gung ho in the market as a result; the company has sent supreme standards of business enlargement. After capturing the domestic market, the company determined to go into the International market, thus forming Malik Agro Industries. Our fundamental objective is to produce high-quality products and make them available for the users, duly backed by the best support services at the most cut-throat prices. We always stay in touch with the newest technological developments to meet our users' requirements for the purpose.


  • 70-56 4WD Tractor has hydrostatic power steering which delivers console for the driver.
  • It has four-piston cylinders having a bore stroke of 104*115mm piston dislodgement is 3908 cc. It applies the most significant torque of 27 Kg.
  • The operating weight of NH7056 is 2600Kg.
  • It has 2 fuel filters, one air filter and one oil.
  • Cerametallic dual-clutch plate has a length of 305 mm*254 mm.
  • AGTL 7056 tractor has 8 gear speeds.
  • Resourceful and automatic hydraulic system with the newest lift-o-Matic technology. The hydraulic lifting aptitude of NH 70-56 4WD Tractor is 2200KG. The hydraulic pump flow capacity is 34.5 KG/square cm.
  • It has oil-immersed disc brakes which automatically actuate.
  • Live PTO having a diameter of 35 mm gives 540 PTO rpm at 1750 engine’s rpm.
  • The front tyres size of NH 7056 tractor is 12.4/11-24, and the rear tire size is 18.4/15-30.


Malik Agro Industries provides additional tractor apparatuses like Mirrors Front and Rear, Pintle Hooks, Front Weights, Roll-over Protection System (ROPS), and Nine-Hole Drawbars Hydraulic Valves, Trailer Hooks, Fibreglass Canopies and Power take-off pulleys (PTO).

Most reliable and economical tractors:

New Holland Tractor is among the most dependable and inexpensive tractors. Also, New Holland 70-56 is the cheapest but still very functional tractor in the New Holland tractors family. While This 85Hp tractor is obtainable for sale at Malik Agro industries. Also, We have New Holland 70-56 tractors stock for South Africa and Pakistan. Also, We supply tractors in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, Uganda, Kenya, Angola, Sudan, Namibia, and Pakistan.

  • Most inexpensive in 85HP array
  • Rugged, Manoeuvrable and compressed
  • Ideal, multitalented, All Round Tractor
  • Spring Suspension Deluxe Seat
  • accessibility of Parts and Service Facilities

New Holland Tractors by Malik Agro industries:

  • First, Malik Agro industries began its operations. The primary tractor launched by New Holland was in the 70 HP categories. Since then, it has been significantly flourishing. With further than 300,000 tractors sold in several applications athwart India and abroad.
  • Second, Malik Agro industries presently tender a technically superior collection of 35 HP to 90 HP tractors with an affordable price range. The earliest tractor corporation offers the most suitable and excellent automation solutions to farmers for humanising crop efficiency and productivity. 
  • Third, New Holland manufactures tractors in large factories with modern and well-organized equipment.  The yearly production capacity is more than 60,000 tractors.  In addition, The plant is urbanised using global standards and has manufacturing brilliance. The company also supplies engines, transmissions, PTOs, and four-wheel-drive front axles for farming in addition to tractors. The New Holland tractor prices replicate the global eminence in all their machines.
  • Fourth, Malik Agro Industries manufactures high performance, multi-application rugged machine that provides maximum calm for the driver at the most affordable tractor price.
  • Fifth, Malik Agro industries series presents a winning arrangement of style and performance, which provides enormous user know-how to the farmers.
  • Sixth, Malik Agro Industries New Holland Tractors also provides other Farm Tractors between 5,00,000 to 15,00,000

Our Products and Services:

Malik Agro Industries is accountable for overseas operation marketing. In addition,  The main products are farm-based agricultural equipment; in particular all range of associated implements. While It makes standard export to numerous countries and looks forward to new counterparts in the world's new market.

Our Team:

A team of decidedly competent, skilled specialised workers, operational with the most modern and sophisticated communications, tools, and apparatus, puts in the best efforts to make our products /services unmatchable. In conclusion, Under the company's managerial officers, dynamic leadership has infused missionary spirit in the team, which is our most appreciated asset.

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