‘Not to do’ Investment Mistakes

‘Not to do’ Investment Mistakes

Read about the mistakes that you need to avoid while doing investment. Most of them are in your own habits, improve yourself and your decisions too get tailored to act best.

The world is made of money, no, not literally but you know what does it mean. Yes, money is the biggest driving force of the human world and investment is the fertilizer of this most profitable crop. However, there is no need to mention how smartly one needs to handle the decisions on investment.

mistake.jpgOne small mistake can cause a big regret. There are countless investment products and companies in the financial market but not everything is good for everyone. Every person with his/her own individual circumstances, suits to only certain types of investment choices. Besides, there are other factors too that need to remain in consideration while taking the final decision. However, despite the need of such precautions, some people do mistakes and face the loss that may become big and messy later.

Why don’t you know about those mistakes beforehand and become cautious before it is too late.

Not gaining adequate knowledge of investment option

This is like an unforgettable mistake that you should never ever do. Whichever company you choose to invest, first understand the business model; do not miss to do extensive research. The best way to check is to explore the experiences of investors who invested in the past. Do not hesitate to meet them and talk on the possibilities a company or product provides.  Those who miss working on this part become easy prey to big loss with no revival.

Impatient decisions

Something that is common in many investors. The clock has its own speed, it neither runs faster nor walks slowly; still, it always shows the right time. Why you can’t show the same smartness? Walk on your own pace.  Maybe some other investor got a huge profit on a particular product but that does not mean you will get the same. Such things take time and depend totally on the ups and downs of the market and on the individual financial circumstances. Investment is not like a Lilliputian 12 month loan which you can take for just any small reason. Things are bigger here and decisions are required to be smart and sensible.

Keeping unrealistic hopes

If you are expecting your portfolio to do anything that it is not designed for then ‘blunder’ is the only word to describe the situation. Never keep hopes that are unrealistic and also immature. If you are still doing that, you are just giving the financial chaos a reason to enter your financial life. Each stock has its time, length and grown possibilities. Those that give results in 3 months, cannot give any hope in a few weeks. If you are expecting so then either you change your approach or just keep walking on the wrong path.

Listening to others

Are you serious??? How can you put your money in something on the basis of what others are saying. ‘Calculative approach’ is the only tool to get you that actual and desired result from any investment product. Relatives, friends, friends of friends can never take decisions on your behalf. If something goes wrong tomorrow, will they be there to bear your loss. Why not use your own mind?

It is always fine to learn from the experience of others, but it is never good to let others affect your financial decisions. Things are complicated in investment and any offhand decision spoils only you at last. Just as in bad credit situation, you cannot get any loan other than the bad credit loans, similarly, not every choice is good for you. If others have their own investment choices then why not make your own?


The above mistakes may look small but they have monstrous impact if you do not avoid them on time. Finances are fragile as well as stubborn and do not prefer giving second chances especially in investment decisions. However, mistakes are in the construction of the process but precaution too is not banned. Play safe from your side and leave rest on circumstances and a bit on luck if you believe.

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