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On the blog of Photograpix at 2019…

I will not repeat the arguments of last year however it's clear That publish his photos could be a portion of their DNA of any photography enthusiast. Photography is absolutely a sharing task. As before long as we have a tendency to've wonderful pictures we show pride to point out them and to check those others.

Just like This past Year, I choose the pencil to take inventory of yesteryear Year and present one of that the outline that will follow your blog of Photograpix in 2016...

It's a somewhat mixed assessment that I earn in 2015 because I'm not even close to having reached the objectives I had set in the duration of the book. Of the 4 advertisements made last year, just one was actually held: the release of my free guide on photo editing. As the best Photoshop clipping path service provider company, we tend to follow equivalent rules and rules for different services out there in our company.

Ah, the famous Great settlements of First of the year Therefore tough to put on...

I did not Stay inactive so far (I wrote more articles than In 2014). What happened is that I changed my thoughts by deciding to cope with other subjects such as the demonstration of substances ( screen, pictures tablet computer, storage solutions ) or characteristic content on which I provide my opinion on the direction taken by electronic photographs ( generation smartphone - creation photo moche, Is editing photos is cheating? ) . Apparently, you liked it since they certainly were well surfaced and consulted.

So, for 20-16, I'll play with it modestly. So that's what it is Going to trigger Photograpix's blog for the coming season...

1. Continue the demo of photo editing software

I only presented 3 last season ( DXO Perspective, Lightroom and Affinity Photo ). In all, there is 10 software that will be the subject of a detailed article on this particular website. It isn't adequate. I have any stars of this photo editing to introduce yourself. I'm thinking like DxO Optics Pro, Capture One or Paint Shop Pro...

The objective is always the same: allow you to choose the Software solution ideal for your own requirements.

2. Proceed to the demonstration of storage alternatives and/or On the web publication of photos

With only one informative article on the topic ( Piwigo ), it's more Compared to only a small light. At this rate, I have for 10 years before arriving to offer you a comparison worth this name.

I will not repeat the arguments of last year but it is clear That publish his photos is a portion of their DNA of any photography enthusiast. Photography is really a sharing task. As soon as we've amazing images we take pleasure to show them and to see those others.

3. Resume creating videos on social websites

I think You'll agree with me: a beautiful movie is better than a very long haul. This is certainly the perfect method to transmit his knowledge.

Therefore I'll Begin generating and submitting videos on YouTube and Dailymotion back (my brand new Jingle is nearly ready). Appointment in a few weeks to get new tutorials, therefore...

But, I Must fix a technical issue: Whenever I created The Google+ page of PhotograpixI did not use the exact same username as for the YouTube channel. So videos already published on YouTube usually do not appear on my Google+ page. Moreover, if anyone to a pipe I am curious but I'm concerned this performance is not possible...

4. Post more posts on Lightroom

In the area of a few years, this software set down the Unmistakable Photoshop that reigned supreme in the realm of photo editing. Only look at the statistics of traffic for the site to observe exactly the flip-flop Photoshop - Lightroom.

Too complicated, damaging editing, without any cataloging Function, only retouching one photo at a time... It's probably these points that are causing the loss of speed of Photoshop. In regards to Lightroom.

I printed many posts or tutorials on Photoshop Elements (the simplified version of Photoshop). It is the right time to rebalance forces by posting articles and creating videos on Adobe's flagship applications, Lightroom.


This, as you may see, there is no fantastic revolution happening. It's more about evolution.

Do not hesitate to entrust me with your wishes for content Or topics to treat.


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