Online Antiques Auctions: How To Sell Antiques?

Online Antiques Auctions: How To Sell Antiques?

On certain occasions, we find ourselves with the need to sell our antique objects. In these cases, it is essential to know how to sell antiques to obtain reasonable sale prices.

On certain occasions, we find ourselves with the need to sell our antique objects. In these cases, it is essential to know how to sell antiques to obtain reasonable sale prices. The best option is to opt for an online antique auction carried out by Kelowna Estate Liquidation Company.


How to sell antiques at the best price? Where to sell antiques, tips for buying antiques? Kelowna Estate Liquidation Company answers all! 


How to auction antiques online 

Antiques do not have an exact value. Their price is what someone is willing to pay for them. We may call several merchants and begin to receive visits at home. Online antique auctions are the best. In most cases, these traders do not dare to give a price. The person who sells may have a very unrealistic price idea (the prices of some things have dropped a lot), and it is not advisable to reveal the truth.


Today, we will give you 5 tips to better evaluate your antiques via online antique auctions.

Online antique auctions5 Tips to get a good price 

  1. Avoid free appraisals

Free appraisal or top appraisal slogans are claims that often lead to inappropriate appraisals. If they are professionals who are dedicated to appraising, they charge for their work. Ethical appraisers should not buy. On the other hand, antique owners should call a professional, dedicated Estate Liquidation Company


  1. Don't pretend to have an auction at your home.


Once we have taken the step of deciding to sell an antique object, and before calling an antique dealer, we must be sure that we want to sell it and how much we want to sell it. For this, it is important to have an adequate appraisal. In this way, we can request an adequate price for it.

  1. Avoid leaving your antiques in deposit.

Our advice is to avoid leaving the antiques in deposit if the antique dealer is not a friend of ours or total confidence. Better get paid first and then remove the antiques. This way, we make sure that we will charge for our seniority and avoid possible scams.


  1. Do not sell without first informing yourself.

One of the most important tips is not to sell without first informing us. This can make us both undersell an antique by taking it to the wrong place and asking for an excessive price and far from the market value.

Real antique dealers dedicate an important part of their time to study, either visiting museums or reading. When an antique dealer buys, he becomes the new owner. The antique dealer buys to sell, and they are not collectors. They look for a profit margin, although this is not always the case.


Before selling, you must spend a portion of your time educating yourself. In this way, you will be able to estimate first-hand your object's age and peculiar characteristics and facilitate its evaluation.


  1. Avoid confusing an antique dealer with a buyer of everything.

Antiques, in most cases, come to us through inheritance. It is not usually inherited a single thing but a set of them. In all the inheritances of old houses, one finds furniture of noble woods and great dimensions that do not adapt to the current decorations and difficult sale.

Antique dealers do not buy everything. They have a portfolio of clients made over time, to whom they hope to sell what they buy.


Looking for how to sell your antiques? Are you interested in a good offer? We are a specialized Estate Liquidation Company in Kelowna. Take advantage and contact us!


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