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When we talk about an online web form the first question is what is an online form and why it's good to have in your website? I'll start answering from first question.

What is an online web form?

An online form are interactive web pages that allows user to input their data and query to the website, that goes in benefit of owner of the website in term of leads. The data filled by user automatically process and sent to the server and stored in the database.

Now the second question, why it's important to have in your website. The purpose of most of the websites is Marketing and generates business. Online forms are helpful to generate good leads, because the people who are interested in your product will fill the form and leave their information, once you collect a good number of leads you can use that leads for marketing and can get good sales.

Now move on to the topic, if we want to attract users to fill-out the online form we need to create the form attractive and playful so user attract to fill the form to get the information for this purpose there are a lot of online form builders available online, some are even free of cost. I'll tell you about some best online form builders so you can make a form for your website and get the data as you required. Here are some best software to create forms.

Gravity Forms.

Paper Forms.

Pabbaly (Recommended)

Lead Formly.

The above four online form builders are the best online form builders, Let me tell you why.

Gravity Forms:

Gravity forms is an online form builders that can allows you to create great contact us forms, employment application forms and wordpress  creation or calculator. This is a most popular online form builder for contact us page.

Paper Forms:

Paper forms is another best online form builder for your website. If you would like to create linkedin pages this form builder is best choice for you.


Pabbaly is the best online form builder amongst all and that's why I recommend this to people. This form builder because this will allow you to edit thousands of pre-built templates with your needs and you can create great forms with the help of this single tool. Pabbaly is the best software to create forms with great usual effects. You don't need to do any kind of designing with this.

Lead Formly:

If you hate spamming, Lead Formly is the best tool for your to create online forms. This form builder create forms that have less chances for spamming info and you can rectify the waste and get good leads from your form.


Well there are a lot more online form builder tools available online but if you use or check every single software that make you more confused. You can make your choice but I'll suggest you to use pabbaly that will be in your best interest and will provide more help as compare to other online form bulders.


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