Virtual Football Betting

Online Virtual Betting & Win Real Money in India

Online Virtual Betting in India to win real money betting on football, cricket, horse race etc.

best virtual betting sports includes soccer, horse racing, motor sports, virtual tennis, basketball and many more. Bet on your favourite sports and get chance to win sizable payouts.

Virtual online sports betting run through computer-generated graphics, and advanced algorithms determine the outcomes. So, you can fully trust us as there is no chance of any biases in the game. Besides, you don’t need to have any special skills to participate in this form of betting.

We offer you numerous wagering options, better betting flexibility, and an opportunity to boost your bankroll on virtual betting. You can join us through your desktop browser, or you can also download our virtual betting app on your mobile or tablets and get connected with us.

Now you don’t have to wait for the scheduled match of the live sporting events for betting. You can enjoy the thrill of virtual sports betting at SkyLive seven days a week, 24 hours a day.


Virtual betting is a process of betting on look-alike real sporting events whose graphics are generated by computer software. Here the betting results are generated by an automated computer simulation.

The realistic graphics and sophisticated gameplay of different virtual sporting events will surely entice you to start virtual betting on SkyLive Casino.

From online virtual football to Horseracing and from Cricket to basketball, choose your preferred virtual reality casino games and make sizable earnings at

The most popular bets on Virtual sports are odds and money line bet. But depending on the games, there are other proposition bets which you can try to enhance your winning prospects.


If you are on a look-out for virtual betting tips, then your quest ends here. Along with the best tips on virtual betting, you will also find the best virtual betting tricks on our site blog page. If you wish to maximize your odds betting on virtual sports, check our SkyLive blog site for all the related tips, tricks and strategies of Virtual betting.

In brief, we recommend you to choose the preferred sports before placing your wager and gain insights about the betting markets. If you wisely choose your favourite sports and betting market, you will possibly enjoy the luck of winning significant payout.


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How to play Roulette Casino Game?
Well, now you might have clearly understood the Roulette bet types, it will be easier to know the working mechanism of this bet on the Roulette wheel. Whether you are playing different variations of the Roulette game or the standard one, the playing rules are the same for everyone.

Regardless of the variants of virtual Roulette, you are playing online; you can spin the wheel by yourself after setting the size of your bet in desired bet types. As you enter into the virtual Roulette game through your mobile, tablet, or desktop, you can view your total balance, a place to set your bet amount, virtual casino table, chips, and a spin button on the screen that you can hit to start the game. 

After clicking on the spin button, the virtual Roulette wheel begins to rotate at a particular speed. And in a quick time, a wheel will slow down along a ball inside it that will drop into one of the spots.

A ball can fall at any spot by accident. If it lands on your chosen spot, you will be declared a winner. In case, a ball lands on a different spot, you will lose your bet. You can re-spin multiple times by setting a similar bet amount, or you can change it as you wish. Some Roulette variants such as Auto Roulette allow you to adjust your bet on Auto spin mode where the wheel will rotate itself with each passing round.

Where to Play Virtual Roulette Casino?
When looking for the best casino website in India to play a virtual Roulette game, you have to confirm lots of things. First, you have to browse on some particular online roulette sites and check if they have the variant of Roulette that suits your betting needs.

Second, you have to check the terms and conditions, types of bonuses, compatibility with mobiles or other devices, its customer service, and most essentially the regulatory body of that site. 

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