Open Plot or Apartment – Which is Better Option for Investment?

Buying land is always a safe and profitable investment. Young India Housing, a top real estate agency in Hyderabad is planning a new HMDA venture in Bhongir. They are offering best gated community plots for sale in Bhongir, with best amenities.

Buying an own house is a dream for everyone. Today, we have many options available, like buying an open plot for sale and constructing a house or buying an apartment etc. But, many people get confused about where to invest. These both options have their own advantages and disadvantages. But, if you have decided to make a real estate investment, then purchasing an open plot should be on the top list.


It’s true that the modern lifestyle has made people buy a flat in an apartment, but it doesn’t offer much flexibility in design. There are many reasons to explain why purchasing an open plot can be the better option than purchasing a flat in an apartment. 

Young India housing Pvt. Ltd. is a reputed real estate agency in Hyderabad. Purchasing an open plot in a developing city like Hyderabad can offer many benefits. Young India Housing Pvt. Ltd. is offering the best gated community plots for sale in Bhongir, Hyderabad. They have planned many new HMDA ventures in Bhongir. Buying an open plot in Bhongir can be the best place because the place is located on Hyderabad and Warangal route. Also, many national and international corporate IT and non-IT companies are establishing their branches near Bhongir. 

Let’s have a look at some key points why land purchase in gated community plots for sale in Bhongir is better than buying a flat in an apartment.

Flexibility in design and meeting requirements

Apartment is a great place to live and they also offer many amenities. But, one of the disadvantages is that you cannot change the design or layout of the house. You have to search for an apartment that meets your requirements or you should satisfy the existing layout. 

Buy, in case of purchasing an open plot you can construct your house according to your requirements and desire. It offers great flexibility. Young India Hosing’s upcoming gated community plots in Bhongir is one of the best places to construct your house according to your requirements. Also, these gated community plots for sale in Bhongir are HMDA approved. 

Best Resale value

Apartments are always at high demand, so apartments offer the best resale value. But, the percentage of undivided land share is very. The returns are shared among all the owners of the apartment. 

But, when you buy gate community plots for sale in Bhongir, the returns will be high because the cost of depreciation on land is negligible. Also, if you maintain the house regularly, the cost of the house will also increase. If you want a property which will offer a high return on investment, then you can purchase an open plot in new HMDA ventures in Bhongir by Young India Housing Pvt. Ltd. 


Flexibility in Construction

To buy a flat in an apartment you have to pay the complete money, so many people take the help of financial institutions and banks to pay the money. That may increase the financial burden on individuals because they have to pay the instalments for a long time. 

Purchasing land can be less costly than an apartment. So, if you buy a gated community plot for sale in Bhongir, the cost of land is very low, so it will relieve you from financial burdens. Also, you can construct your house at any time according to your flexibility. 

So, if you are considering buying a property, buying a land can be the better choice. There are many upcoming gated community plots in Bhongir. Young India Housing, one of the top real estate agency in Hyderabad, is also planning new HMDA ventures in Bhongir. 

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