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According to a report, 78% of women say that exercise reduces the symptoms related to their menstrual cycle.

Exercise during periods… Not possible! But, Why not?

There is always a fear in the minds of women that exercising during periods is not safe. It can lead to severe cramps, increase blood flow, or can lead to other health issues. But they often forget to see the other side of the story.

Exercise can be painful, but it’s one of the most effective ways of relieving some of the symptoms that can accompany periods. You can experience love and ease just like your favorite bar of chocolate after exercising. So you should exercise without any worries during periods.

According to a report, 78% of women say that exercise reduces the symptoms related to their menstrual cycle. 

It’s a huge percentage to believe that exercise is good for and during periods. 

The dos and don’ts you should follow when exercising during periods. 

Do what you love 

A normal day workout session includes HIIT training, cardio, aerobics, etc., which are too tiring. You don’t need to follow the same schedule during periods. Your primary aim should be to keep your body active so you should do what you love. Instead of exercise, you can your favorite sport. 

You can do low-intensity exercises like swimming or opt for yoga. Both yoga and swimming reduce cramps, breast tenderness, muscular fatigue, and soreness. If you are worried about flow during swimming, you should wear a period cup. It won’t get wet like tampons and pads. 

Run as long as you can 

If not exercise or sport, you should run for hours or more. The treadmill should be your best friend during periods. Just like many other period misconceptions, people think that running is not safe. Exercising constantly in one place is good but not running.

 Running at a high intensity is not recommended, but you should run at low or medium speed. It won’t be bad; rather it helps to reduce period pains. Even aerobic exercise can reduce PMS symptoms and reduce pain. 

Fight against bloating 

Your body gains five and ten extra pounds of water before and after a period, which leads to a bloated feeling. When you exercise, the excess water from your body leaves through sweat and reduces the bloated feeling. 

During periods, you should drink water like normal days to flush out everything. Women often reduce the liters of water thinking there is enough in the body to survive during. Lack of water can be harmful, so you should keep a perfect balance. 

Choose the right period product 

Another major reason to not exercise during periods is the fear of leaking or discomfort. Women think their clothes will get stained with excessive movement or they will suffer from rashes. These were the issues faced by women until period cups didn’t come into the picture. 

In tampons and pads, chances of movement, leakage, and rashes on the thighs were very high. But today, there are no such issues with the use of the period cups. 

Whether you are cycling, swimming, doing yoga, or hitting the gym, the period cup will help you everywhere. 

This is not the end. 

The most important is to listen to your body. If your body says NO, you should stop and conserve energy. If your body says to rest, you should take a rest and pamper yourself. You shouldn’t go overboard and give pain to yourself. 

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