Personal future prediction: Explore the positivity inside you

Prediction is a term that directly proportional to the future. We can enhance our career and my life prediction by date of birth and time.

Now a day’s we humans have a busy this life, we took many decisions to extract our lifestyle. Most of the time the taken decision is wrong for us, which makes our life quite hectic. The prevention of that problem is prediction. Prediction is a statement of the future or a guess, which is based on facts and evidence but not always. To predict the future, we need to consult an astrologer for detailed life prediction free.

Benefits of life prediction

Life is a zig-zag path. In this path, there are too many ups and downs. If someone crosses all his up and downs in his/her life, he/she knows how to choose the right path and way to live a healthy life. During the life cycle in certain turns, we may fell and lose hope, we have no faith in anyone. At that time, we want to know our further steps and the steps are useful for us or not, we take the help of free vedic astrology predictions life. 

Using life prediction by date of birth we can predict such things i.e.:

  • The first letter of the name
  • Kundali
  • Rashi
  • Gemstone 
  • Age to start study
  • Time to join in the perfect career
  • Perfect time and place to start your home
  • The particular business we should do or not
  • Where and when to invest 
  • The right time to get married
  • The right time to have a baby
  • Love problems and their solutions

  By predicting the above things, we can remove all the obstacles of our life.

How we can predict the kundali & Rashi by astrology prediction

The rashi of a new born child can be decided by his/her date of birth. Astrology divides the sky into twelve zodiac signs. According to the astrology prediction, the sun and moon are travel across the zodiac signs in periodic intervals. The sun and moon travel around the twelve zodiac signs in 12moths in a year. So, a child’s rashi can be determined by the suns position at his/her time of birth, that particular sign is called the sun sign. The same as moons position at that time of birth is called moon sign. Normally we consider the sun sign as our Rashi.

Kundali of a person can be predicted by the most accurate horoscope prediction free i.e., it can be predicted by analyzing the present and past events of life or by referring to the planetary position of planets in your horoscope.

Find a better career for you by accurate astrology prediction free 

It is a common question which people ask whether we go for a job or business? Among some people go for a job to get a satisfying life. But some people not feel satisfaction in their job, later they go for their own business. At that time, we predict our life according to Indian astrology by date of birth. The astrologer can predict a suitable path by analyzing your horoscope.

Some astrological assumptions are like: -


  • 2nd house- defines your wealth, & can predict the right path which you have to go for.
  • 6th house- defines the particular career and way to make a career in that subsequent field.
  • 10th house- it describes such things as when one will able to earn in that field, environments that you have to work with, the behaviour of his/her with co-workers. This house can predict details of his/her career with accurate astrology prediction free.

Get a successful marriage life by exact future prediction free  

Marriage comes once in everyone’s life. So, you need to choose your partner wisely as per your horoscope. An astrologer can predict the right time, right place, the right age to get married as per exact future prediction free.

The right time to get married as per his/her horoscope. Some astronomical assumptions are like

  • When such planets like Rahu, Ketu and Mars with Mercury are not visible in your 7th house of horoscope u can marry at the age of 22
  • If mercury is sitting in that house then the person can get married at the age of 22 to 25.
  • If such planets like Sani, Rahu & Ketu are sitting on your horoscope that person will get married after the age of 27, not before this.

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