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Estimate your future with your horoscope to take the further steps toward building your career & a healthy life by free life prediction.

We come to earth to fulfil our karma, which is given by GOD during the time of birth. But we don’t know about our work, so sometimes we choose our by life not thinking of it, later that chosen life, career, and life partner also make our whole life quite hectic, for we have to make adjustments in life. To get solve the problem or get rid of the problem we should remember GOD and take the help of astrology. We also want to predict our career with life prediction by date of birth and time.

Choose a compatible name and Zodiac sign by Indian astrology by date of birth

In Hindu society for a long time, the child’s name is given by his/her parents which have a deep meaning i.e., the starting letter of the child’s name as per his/her nakshatra, which is decided by an astrologer with Indian astrology by date of birth and time. Most of the Hindu children's names are asper the GOD and good things because if someone simply hearing the name one can judge the nature of that particular person.

The astrologers just give the first alphabet, his/her parents and relatives have to choose the name that assures with the child’s personal and professional life. Nowadays there are hundreds of sites available on the internet to provide names and free life report of a child. Apart from that, the zodiac signs were decided by analyzing the paths of the stars, seeing the sun, according to the date of birth and time of birth.


Choose the right path wisely with detailed life prediction

At a certain age of 20, the head is responsible, and that question arises how to choose the right path or career in life. This path can be determined by the motion and position of the planet in your horoscope by detailed life prediction. There are a few major key points to choose the right career or path in life, such as

  • Analyse your interest and skills in your field
  • Consider your education
  • Find a good mentor
  • Draw a well-structured plan
  • Examine your financial situation
  • Good luck/ Bad luck

On other hand, free Vedic astrology predictions life says that your horoscope also represents your career i.e., the planetary position of the planet and stars can affect your career. The 2nd, 6th and 10th houses of a horoscope define the money source or right profession, particular career in a particular field and position in that field, behaviour with co-workers.

Choose a perfect Jeevansaathi with exact future prediction

Marriage is the most precious and holy occasion of each family. It comes only once in life, so we have to choose our better half wisely by exact future prediction. We can find our better half by analyzing some major points such as:

  • Good manners
  • Someone who can connect easily
  • Have patients
  • Have coolly minded controlling every hectic situation
  • Sometimes standards may matter
  • Have some courage to stay with
  • Always have better knowledge about outer things

Apart from that, we can choose the better half by analysing and matching the kundalini, the planetary position of both sides by the most accurate horoscope prediction.



How to choose the business by personal future prediction


Business is a onetime invest with a huge amount, so nowadays most people afraid of doing a new start up. If some people have an interest in business then they would like to prefer personal life prediction before a new start up. In these early days, the astrologer helps to predict the ideal business where to invest where not, by analysing the person's horoscope trough free accurate future prediction by date of birth and time. The Vedic astrologer can analyse the ideal business for you through the horoscope such as: -

  • Sun- business that related to government clients
  • Moon- water, cotton, Food
  • Venus - garments’ any entertainment business telecom, Media, News etc.
  • Mars- cars, battle equipment’s
  • Jupiter- education, learning, consultancy
  • Saturn- land, real estate, steel
  • Rahu- some kind of money business like casino
  • Ketu- IT industry, politics

Above are some most known predictions invented by astrologers.


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