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Photographing with your Nikon One J1 / V1

Shooting with your Nikon 1 is a practical guide dedicated to the two-half and half models in the Nikon assortment, the Nikon J1/J2, and V1. Extra than a basic client manual, this is a digital book that bears the whole Nikon One contraption, from cameras to focal points, comprehensive of submitted embellishments and flashes.

Photographing with your Nikon 1 is a realistic guide devoted to the two-hybrid models in the Nikon variety, the Nikon J1 / J2, and V1. Extra than a simple user manual, this is an e-book that affords the entire Nikon One gadget, from cameras to lenses, inclusive of committed accessories and flashes.


This sensible manual is the second e-book dedicated to small compacts with interchangeable lenses from the Nikon One variety. Performing in 2011, the primary two fashions in the series, now supplemented using the latest Nikon J2, have enriched the range of Nikon virtual cameras. They're inserted between the compacts and bridges of the Coolpix collection and the traditional SLRs.


The Nikon One very quickly had a first-rate success with the majority looking for a case greater green than a compact however less bulky than a DSLR. They had been extra criticized with the aid of professional photographers who predicted a larger sensor and an ergonomics closer to that of SLRs.


This book is supposed for these styles of users. It offers them to find out a way to use the Nikon One without always having the fundamentals of pictures and the way to take benefit of the special scene modes and assisted modes. It additionally info all the possibilities of declutching and manual management of the bins, each in photograph and video.


The exceptional chapters cover the principal operating modes of Nikon One in detail: publicity modes, autofocus modes, advanced capabilities. Additionally on the application are the presentation of add-ons unique to the one variety, including flashes, the GPS receiver or the various lenses adapted to the Nikon CX mount.


Each of the primary functions is offered inside the shape of a specific paragraph, with several illustrations which make the quality of the painting to browse. But, we would have preferred a few additional causes in a few instances, inclusive of the purpose for the choice of the mechanical or digital shutter at the Nikon V1.


Every one of the lenses that make up the Nikkor CX range is offered in the element. The writer illustrates many images of the creative possibilities of those optics with the aid of together with EXIF statistics.


The remaining a part of the ebook gives the usage of software associated with Nikon One, Nikon ViewNX2 and Nikon capture NX2. The primary is quite properly distinctive, it addresses the sorting and photograph presentation needs of customers of this form of the field as a substitute nicely. Seize NX2 is supplied more succinctly, which is pretty logical because the processing of raw files, which the Nikon One realizes how to produce, calls for gaining knowledge of that is past the scope of this manual. We propose you to browse the books committed to Nikon capture NX2 if you are interested.


Who's this realistic manual for Nikon One J1 and V1 meant for?


This guide is particularly appropriate for the amateur photographer who discovers the Nikon 1 and wishes to recognize the subtleties of its operation. The guide explores the opportunities, each in photo and video mode. The explanations are reachable, it is not useful to grasp all the basics of photography to revel in the e-book.

The extra-professional enlightened beginner will locate it cloth to discover a few advanced uses of the Nikon 1 which are not always very well detailed in the user manual. It's going to additionally locate facts on the use of add-ons which include the Nikon FT1 adapter ring for Nikkor F optics. The primary chapters at the presentation of the instances can be browsed quicker.


Passion Photographer: take a proposal from the photo document to surpass yourself


“ardor Photographe” is a work through Steve Simon which gives the way to draw suggestions from reportage photography to enhance his private photograph approach, his creativity and above all of the way of preparing and unrolling his pictures. The author also specializes in improving and sharing snapshots.


This realistic photography manual will be a guide as there are already many. It's miles however a piece which strategies the elaborate of pictures from a barely distinctive perspective. You'll find the fundamentals of digital photography, the choice of publicity, composition, processing of pix. But the creator above all set out to present an imaginative and prescient. His imaginative and prescient of what your photographic exercise can (need to?) Be.


All and sundry are trying to enhance, without always understanding a way to go about it. This book lets you build your very own method, based totally on what the writer develops for his desires. With many examples, from lived, glad and much less happy reports, Steve Simon permits you to take the hassle head-on and deal with it.


Each of the chapters presents a subject that you need to work on to be able to pass ahead: growing a personal assignment, operating on a particular subject matter, drawing close strangers and taking pics from lifestyles, building a convincing collection, and many others.


More than a list of equipped-made recommendation, it is a method that the writer gives. You analyze with him your practice, you become aware of the difficulties, you put in force.


At the top of each bankruptcy, you'll find some practical sporting events to perform. An amazing opportunity to face the truth and no longer simply suppose "I apprehend ...".


Who is this e-book addressed to?


In case you are an amateur, professional, expert photographer, you experience the need to revise your picture practice, to tackle the subjects that harm, this book is made for you. You will discover meals for concept there to construct or adapt your method.


In case you are a whole newbie, and you want to take advantage of your modern photograph system to learn how to gift a lovely series of images, this e-book will assist you. It can seem complicated at instances to the beginner, but the whole thing is linked very logically and ultimately, turns into easy.

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