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Physiotherapy - The Critical Solution to Your Leg Pain

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Physiotherapy is a field of science which deals with the physical strength of the body. Gradually this treatment has proven to cure various illnesses in the body. Nowadays, leg pains are widespread. It is estimated that globally, 20% of adults suffer leg pains. Even doctors recommend physiotherapy after leg surgeries. Sometimes, for leg pain, doctors recommend going for physiotherapy treatments first. Not every pain needs surgery.  The physiotherapy exercises for leg muscles are great for providing strength.  This includes relief for legs after the surgery. Even if you are on a wheelchair, physiotherapy for leg has the power to cure you too.

How can physiotherapy cure leg pain?

Firstly, a good physiotherapist is required for providing you with the physiotherapy treatments. The physiotherapist must be certified. It is not a regular body massage. So proper diagnosis is required of your concerned pain. He will examine the areas of pain. He might start asking you questions regarding your pain. Then, physiotherapist treatments are done according to the type of illness or injury. Also, physiotherapy exercises for leg pain are provided according to the degree of your pain. The physiotherapy exercises are customized according to patients need. They are various types of physiotherapy exercises for legs. If the pain is severe. A proper understanding of the kind of pain is required. So it advisable to visit a doctor before going for physiotherapy.

In the treatments start with mild exercises. This helps to understand whether the patient's pain is progressing or not. Gradually, the muscle strength starts increasing. Then the physiotherapist prescribes many activities which help in stimulating pain-relieving hormone.

Hence a proper treatment includes:-

●   A schedule of required exercises

●   The physiotherapist guides to avoid few activities to prevent further injuries

●   Sometimes a specific diet is provided to the patients.

Types of treatments of physiotherapy

The procedure mentioned here usually depends upon the causes of the pain:-

●   Relaxing massages

People often have misconceptions that massage and physiotherapy the same. But it's very different in reality. But massage is a part of physiotherapy treatment. This very common for the majority of the cure of leg pains. This helps to stimulate blood flow and hence cures the pain.

●   Acupuncture

Nowadays, physiotherapists use acupuncture in combination with the usual physiotherapy. This has proven to be very useful for deep tissue pains. Here the pressure is applied to the acupuncture points to reduce the pain.

●   Electrotherapy techniques

This comprises of varieties of machines which stimulates the muscle.

●   Hydrotherapy

This is a new healing procedure by using warm water. Don't confuse it with swimming. Here underwater, the physiotherapist instructs to perform exercises. It provides the best results for patients who just underwent joint replacement therapy.

Types of leg pain physiotherapy can cure:-

1. Various Leg pain

Pains in different parts of the legs. From ankle to thigh, a good physiotherapist can heal them.

2. Arthritis and Inflammation in the tissues

This is an inflammation of the joints. This causes severe pain in leg joints, which becomes chronic. Also, stiffness of the leg increases day by day.

3. Tendonitis

This is caused by swelling of the tendon. Physiotherapy can quickly cure the pain within 2-3 weeks.

4. Bursitis

This is quite familiar for old age person. This causes stiffness in the joint for which it becomes difficult to walk. The inflammation of the sac can be cured by regular guidance by a physiotherapist.

5. Bone Stress injuries

Military person and Athletes mostly suffer from bone stress. Basically, it occurs due to sudden excessive physical strain. Hence proper physiotherapist treat should be done for the concerned areas.

6. Nerve-related pains in the leg

This pain usually occurs by damage or disease in the nervous system.

7. Muscle injuries like cramps

Cramps are quite common, which occurs as a result of contraction of the muscle. The physiotherapist recommends various stretches depending on the type of pains.

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