How to properly wax your bikini line?

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How to properly wax your bikini line?

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  • 05-Jan-2021
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In a woman, Brazilian waxing the bikini line remains both essential and inconvenient. Depilation of this sensitive part often rhymes with pain, if you do it alone; and with the expense, if it is done in a specialized institute. However, because it is what defines our femininity, our intimacy, and our charm, the swimsuit must be maintained with the greatest care and its depilation is not to be neglected. If you want to have a successful Brazilian waxing of this part of the body, Algoa will offer you several methods to test. But before that, let's start first with the preparations to make to get a top jersey. How to properly wax your bikini line?

Devices to take before Brazilian waxing

Before removing those unwanted hairs that get in your way, first think about some basic preparations.

First of all, make a gentle exfoliation on the affected part the day before its epilation. You can make your scrub with what is in your fridge and cupboard (ex: honey + sugar, olive oil + grated coconut, etc.).

On the day of Body waxing, take a hot bath and wash this area of ​​the body. The heat of the water will open the pores of your skin and therefore, as much as possible avoid the ingrown hairs that we all hate!

Then dry this part well after cleaning it, because the water can cause a little pain. Then, choose a suitable terrain. Often we do this in our bathroom. Just make sure you have a comfortable place to wax well.

Finally, prepare your materials. Whatever method you use for your hair removal, it is always important that all the materials are there whether it is depilatory creamwax (cold or hot), or a razor.

Successful bikini waxingSuccessful bikini Brazilian waxing

Depilatory cream

Now that we have seen the preparations (super easy) to do, let's discover the different means for bikini Body waxing in, starting with a depilatory cream.

Quick, practical, and easy to use, depilatory cream is a technique that many of us have already tested on different parts of the body (legs, armpits, etc.).

However, its use on the swimsuit is very limited since it cannot pull out the hairs in-depth, which means the return to the Amazon rainforest in a few days! In addition, the complex composition of the cream does not allow hair removal on the lips, which risks burning: hello disaster!

Organic bikini waxing

Cold Brazilian waxing

Yes, yes, cold wax isn't just for the face, eyebrows, and all the stuff. It can be used very well for every part of our body, even more for the bikini line!

With a soft and natural composition, this second method will pamper our very sensitive skin. Well, if we do not mention the few seconds of pain that we undergo when the band is torn off… but we must admit that we are all happy to have endured this pain when after three weeks, we notice that 'no hair has always appeared.

For you ladies, Algoa has specially reserved several boxes of organic, natural, odorless, and soft cold waxes that you will find with just one click! This ACORELLE cold wax has a 100% organic composition and is suitable for short hair and sensitive skin.

By purchasing it, you will benefit from another post-depilation treatment with organic sweet almond oil to relieve your skin.

For good cold Brazilian waxing in Pennsylvania, make sure your hair is short. Then heat the strips in your hand and separate them.

Stick some on the part to be depilated by putting a little pressure on your hand so that the strip is firmly applied.

Wait a few seconds and tear off in one go. If the strip is too large, cut it with your scissors (when they are still stuck together).

Depilate your bikini line with cold wax

Hot Brazilian waxing

While we've done a lot of praise for the cold wax, its sister is just as effective on the bikini line.

The hot wax is a traditional method, which wants the merit of perfect skin, smooth, soft, and hairless for a month or more entirely!

Its application is not at all difficult. To start, you need to heat it in the microwave with its container. Usually, it only takes two minutes for the wax to heat up.

Remove it from the device and wait a minute then test with your wrist if the heat is bearable.

Then take a spatula and take a small amount of wax to put on an area of ​​your bikini line.

Spread it with the spatula on the parts to be depilated and wait until the wax is dry to remove in one stroke. You can clean the residue with a soaked cotton ball and then apply mild vegetable oil.

As hot wax, you can choose the CORELLE bandless wax. With royal wax and lily extract contained in this material, you will never risk problems of discomfort, tightness, or ingrown hairs.

Depilate your bikini line with hot wax

To conclude, if you want optimal hair removal, turn to natural methods such as cold wax or hot wax.

This will give you smooth skin and your hair will not be likely to grow back anytime soon.

On the other hand, if you opt for the depilatory cream or the razor, the regrowth will be done the next day; the itching from the very moment (for some) and the bikini line may darken over the course of your applications.

If at first, you don't have complete Brazilian waxing in Pennsylvania success, stick with it. Over time you will be much more skilled and your skin will thank you.

Finally, never give up because of the pain you feel when you take the band off, who doesn't know that it takes pain to be naturally beautiful?

The article was written by Pauline La langue, web editor.

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