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Irrespective of industry sector, every business relies on data from and about its customers. Whether contact information, payment details, or previous order details, each piece of information is crucial for businesses to provide personalized services. But the biggest threat of collecting this information are data breaches and misuse of information…. and most businesses are struggling to keep this data secure and compliant.

The latest data regulations such as CCPA and GDPR compliance present new and ever-changing rules as to what rights individuals have regarding how their data is processed and used. These challenges are driving corporations to look for software solutions that don’t require an extensive new operations department to manage.

Data security is a classic problem, albeit with increasing complexity compounded by the shift towards cloud solutions. As more data is outside your physical and virtual borders, it’s not if you have a security event, but when. Data encryption tools help protect data by making it unusable in the event of a hack or breach.

So, if your business is collecting customer information, it is crucial to ensure that the data is encrypted, secure, and compliant. There are a wide variety of products on the market that can encrypt data or make you compliant with data privacy law, but there is only one that does both. With the implementation of a single API, a business can protect its most precious asset.

Zentinel™ provides 3 fully-integrated features –

· Customer Identity Management – Zentinel™ is built according to SAML single sign on and OAUTH industry standards.

· Secure data exchange – Zentinel™ allows you to share information with your customers in a fully end-to-end encrypted manner and store identifiable information away from other data.

· Data privacy law compliance – Consumers are provided with a dashboard to exercise their data rights.

PrettyFluid Technologies is among the leading companies that are driven to develop tools and software that provide efficient data encryption software and tools. Their vision is to provide businesses of all sizes an opportunity to save the data of their customers reliably, securely, and transparently. That is why they developed Zentinel™. With the data encryption, identity management, and data privacy law compliance platform offered by PrettyFluid, you can focus on your core competencies without worrying about the misuse of sensitive customer data.

PrettyFluid Technologies has made it easy and hassle-free to ensure data protection encryption for businesses of all sizes and industrial sectors. So, if you also want an advanced data encryption tool, contact PrettyFluid Technologies now.

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