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A Private Limited Company Registration Online is a small business which is maintained privately, it is one of the highly recommended businesses in India especially for startups. The registration of the private limited company is governed by The Companies Act 2013 in India.

According to the Companies Act, 2013, a minimum of 2 shareholders is needed to begin a private company, while a maximum of 200 members. In case a private limited company undergoes any financial risk, the personal assets of members or shareholders are not subject to sell, i.e. they ought to have limited liability.

There must be a minimum of 2 directors and a maximum of 15 directors are required for online company registration. The suggested director must be 18 or crossed 18 years of age. The proposed director of a private limited company in India can also be a foreign national

No minimum paid-up capital investment is required for the registration of the private limited company. And importantly every private limited company must include "Pvt.Ltd." after their company name

A private limited company is a never-ending business as it can hold its existence even after the death or bankruptcy or failure of its Members.

This type of company does not have any relationship with the public are not allowed to ask for any validatory from the public or from any of the public sectors. People are not ennobled to transfer shares in a private limited company, as it protects takeovers of private limited companies from big companies.

Advantages of Private Limited Company Registration in India

Launching a private limited company provides many benefits. Following are some of them:

  • The officially registered private limited company enhances the credibility of your business.
  • It protects the owners from other risks and losses and helps from personal liability
  • Attracts more customers
  • Ease in getting bank credits or loans
  • Provides limited liability to maintain and develop your company and its assets
  • More attractive stability and greater funds supplement
  • Increase the potential to develop big and expand

Here are some of the advantages of Private Limited Company Registration in India in detail

  • Credit Availability

    A private limited company can receive funds from the unsecured bond as well as from the stockholders. This type of company is regarded as a corporate entity which draws in various venture capitalists and angel investors that supports and helps the company to raise more funds and to expand their business.

  • Perform Globally

    The private limited companies support Foreign Direct Investment whereas other types of firms need appropriate licensing/Liaising and commendation from the administration for investments from foreign.

  • Limited Liability

    as the private limited company is a separate legal entity, the responsibility of the directors or members of a private limited company is limited to their share only

  • Increased Value In Marketplace

    A registered private limited company is more trustworthy when compared with non-registered ones. All the information about the registration of private limited companies is completely obtained from the official website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Suppliers, Vendors, and investors trust registered private limited companies over the other business organizations which in turn increases the brand value of the company among the customers and suppliers and other investors

  • Separate Legal Entity

    A private limited company is considered as a separate legal entity that possesses all the rights to litigate or to be litigated. It acts as an artificial person and can buy any property or assets in its own name.

  • Perpetual Existence

    A private limited company is considered as a lifelong existence which means they cannot be ended or dissolved due to many reasons like death, retirement or insanity of any of their directors/ members/ shareholders.

  • Ease In Transfer Of Ownership

    It is very easy to transfer shares to new members and to issue fresh shares in a private limited company.

Checklist for Registering a Company in India

  • As per Company Act, 2003 any company to be registered in India must meet the below conditions.

  • Two Directors

    To start a private limited company, at least two directors are required and at most, there can be 15 and importantly at least one of the directors must be a resident of India.

  • Unique Name:

    Choose a unique name for your business. The proposed name should not match with any of the companies or trademarks which already exist in India.

  • Minimum Capital Contribution:

    No pressure of fund requirements as there is no minimum capital amount needed to start a company. A private limited company should have an authorized share capital of at least Rs. 1 lakh.

  • Registered Office:

    Even a rented space or office can be the registered office of a company, there is no need to have a commercial space. All you need is to hold an NoC letter, obtained from the landlord or owner.

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