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Product Photography Trends for eCommerce Business in 2021

These were some of the upcoming practices in 2021. These trends have existed before and are continuous as they grab attention for e-commerce websites, they can change from time to time.  These assumptions are to help you get a more in-depth view into product photography and its effect on the e-commerce industry. 

With e-commerce business reaching its peak time in the current time, product photography for e-commerce business has been increasing more prominently. Although traditional photography has existed for a long time, due to consumer demand in recent years, product photography is definitely making a vital contribution to the e-commerce industry.  

Along with generation and time, trends are changing as well. Here are few upcoming trends that might affect the industry in 2021.  

360-Degree Photography

Many companies are already implementing this increasingly popular trend in their e-commerce website. 360-degree photography has been in trend for quite a time and although people thought it would gradually slow down its popularity, it is most likely to be a trendsetter in 2021. 

More brands and e-commerce websites such as amazon are starting to take this trend into consideration. While it is still in the initial stages of becoming something that companies are taking into account and learning on implementing it for their product marketing.

Vivid & Intense

To capture the viewer's attention it is important to go intense , bright and vivid with your photographs. Using a company's branding colors that complements the product is a great way to portray the products to the customers. A light and basic editing can enhance the image to be more lucrative to the buyers. 

Decreasing Use of DSLR

A couple of years ago DSLR cameras were at the top of the chain when it came to photography equipment. Its high quality resolution was a major factor in the popularity of DSLRs along with a number of impressive features which were constantly improved as new models kept coming along.

However, there has been a very noticeable decline in the usage of DSLRs for photography as smartphones took the tech world by storm and continues to push boundaries. Nowadays, smartphones can efficiently multitask by being able to produce high quality images on par with DSLRs as well as act as editing platform at same time and also doing essentially everything. 

Factoring everything, it is no surprise that a sizable number of photographers are switching over to smartphones as they are portable, compact and considerably affordable than DSLR cameras.

Despite the given situation of DSLR Range Cameras in the industry, they are still doing good for their own and will likely take the role of backup to the smartphones.

Mobile Photography

While more and more people, all sellers and consumers alike, are scooting over to the side of smartphones, it still has its own requirements and limitations.

Photographers have had to adjust to mobiles’ settings and specifications, such as understanding the frame size needed for the picture to be seen optimally via a smartphone,  and how they will be altered in the post production process. 

Although, there might be adaption needied, the pros of using a smartphone far outweighs the cons. Such as, a person would struggle to get a vertical shot on a DSLR camera but it can absolutely be done by smartphones with ease.


The use of nature & landscapes in product photography, many companies have been encouraging this idea of working with nature to showcase their products to their customers. However, there are limitations to this idea by brand guidelines, but a good amount of effort has to be given in the editing to blend the background with the product. 

Product Videos

While still images have been the norm of advertisement and promotions for years, the new and modified technology is slowly but surely increasing the need and trendiness of videos.

Videos hold the attention of viewers longer and make it more interactive to the ones watching, thus videos being hugely used by companies and individuals for their products and brands. 

With the increased usage, more and more establishments are following these footsteps and therefore, resulting in photographers to be experts in videography and editing the said videos.

Unedited Photographs

Customers nowadays look for authentic and raw images, the edited and manipulated photographs are  slowly losing its place from the industry. This also means that the photographer has to be more cautious when taking a picture and ensure to get the pictures right. 

While this can be a little hectic for the photographer with some light & professional editing things can be made easier and it's a long timer benefit for them. 

Focus on The Product

No matter with what background you are working with, the focus should always be on the product itself. While natural backgrounds, solid backgrounds or vivid and intense backgrounds help complement the product, the photographer should make sure that they are careful with every aspect of the picture. 


Product photography comes with a lot of research in order to be constantly updated with the trends and practices among brands. As it plays a vital role in the e-business and company’s brand guidelines, a good amount of research, experiments and trials could make a photographer more skilled in this particular photography style. 


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