Understanding Rashi And Rashifal In Indian Astrology

Rashi and Rashifal in Indian Astrology [Unlock Your Future]

Do You know what your Rashi is? How Rashifal influences your life? Discover Your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign with Indian Astrology & know more about yourself.

What is Rashi?

As per the historical astronomy and Vedic Astrology, a circle of twelve equal divisions with 30 degrees of the celestial longitude which is placed at the center over an eclipse where the Sun is on a constant move during the entire year are called Rashis. The Sun transcribes energies of the various constellations and eventually remitting the radiation to the Earth. The 12 signs and the term zodiac is associated with the Vedic Astrology.

The Rashi is also termed as the Moon sign as it depicts the zodiac sign where the Moon was present when the native was born. Moon is considered to be a very important celestial body as it can affect human lives to a great extent. 

The zodiac sign or the Rashi speaks volumes about the basic characteristics and personality traits, nature, the positive and negative aspects, professional & personal life, interest areas, etc. of an individual.

The date of birth as well as the name determines the zodiac sign or the Rashi. All Rashi names are as follows:-

  • Aries- Mesha- (Ambitious, innovative & impulsive).

  • Taurus- Vrishabha (Potential to lead, influential, liberal).

  • Gemini- Mithun (Creative, inclination towards females, intellectual.).

  • Cancer- Kark (Homely, charming, sensitive).

  • Leo- Singh (Ambitious, generous & arrogant).

  • Virgo- Kanya (Inclined towards arts, analytical, virtuous).

  • Libra- Tula (Knowledgeable, amicable, intelligent).

  • Scorpio- Vrischika (Straightforward, impetuous, affluent).

  • Sagittarius- Dhanu (Good orator, intellectual, inclination towards literature and arts).

  • Capricorn- Makar (Sharp, good strategist, virtuous).

  • Aquarius- Kumbha (Diplomatic, artistic & sensual)

  • Pisces- Meen (Adventurous, learned & spiritually inclined).

What is Rashifal?

Rashifal is also referred to as Kundli or a horoscope. It is a gateway to the past, present, and future aspects of your life. It also reveals a lot about the troubles, challenges, opportunities that you may encounter in your life. The Rashifal or the Horoscope is prepared through the divine knowledge about the planets, their positions and the analysis of their influence on an individual’s life.

Horoscopes are revealed on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis as per the preference of the native. The word Horoscope is the derivation of two separate Latin words, namely Horo (Hour) and Scope (View) so it means the view of a specific hour. It is an astrological chart of the native at the specific moment, and the calculations are made on the basis of the time, place, and date of birth.

This is the reason that horoscope is as good as your fingerprint! It is unique!

Aspects of Horoscope

It has information about various energies, houses, signs, planets, etc. that are the reflection of patterns and probable traits of the native. Horoscopes are basically the astrological diagrams that depict the position of the Moon, Sun, and other important planets. They also depict the various aspects of relationships between these elements. 

But, Rashifal is a horoscope which you get on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis based on the planetary positions of the current time, different transits and their influence. 

Creation of Horoscope

The primary step while drawing a horoscope is to chart out the celestial sphere, which depicts the position of stars and planets at the specific time of creating the chart. Also, the planets below the middle line cannot be seen, and planets above the middle line are visible. 

Daily Horoscope is usually drawn as per the Moon’s position to find out the predictions, forecasts, and changes for all the zodiac signs. The reasons for the same is that the cycle of the Moon is small and it takes only 28 days to make a rotation around the Zodiac. 

Monthly Horoscope is drawn as per the movement of the planets Mars, Venus & Mercury because these change every month. 

Yearly Horoscope is formed based on the movement of Jupiter and Saturn.


What is Chandra Rashi and Surya Rashi?

As per the Astrology, the Surya Rashi (Sun Sign) refers to your zodiac & personality, whereas the Chandra Rashi (Moon Sign) is the symbol of your emotions, inner mood, etc. Chandra Rashi is considered to be the factor that influences your horoscope apart from the Surya Rashi. While it is easy to find out the Surya Rashi by just using the month and the date of birth, to determine the Chandra Rashi, you need your birth place, time and date of birth. 

You must have at least the approximate time of birth to get the Chandra Rashi.

Difference between the Sun and the Rising sign

The Sun sign is nothing but the Zodiac sign that depicts your personality and the way you deal with the joys and obstacles of life. Whereas, the rising sign is called the Ascendant, which is the sign that is the ruler of your first house in your Zodiac chart. The Rising sun depicts the way others perceive you, or it is also called as your exterior. 

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