Real estate developers who cater to NRI

This article has information about the points which should be kept in mind before you choose a good real estate developer who caters to NRI

Buying a property or developing a property in India by an NRI is never an easy task and therefore a good real estate developer is required, one who knows his job very well and can be trusted.There are specific pointers to look for before you choose one of the best real estate developers who cater to NRI as nowadays many a times a developer will promise you a lot of things but fails to deliver even when you have paid your hard earned money and given your valuable time to the project.

The points which should be kept in mind before you choose a good real estate developer who caters to NRI are as follows-

  • Network- 

Network and expertise in the field are critical in choosing the right developer thus knowing the prime property locations in major cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Delhi, etc. is a must. Therefore, verifying this is essential for the developer to assist you in any way possible. 

  • Portfolio -

Significant NRI deals in the portfolio of the real estate developer is a must. So that you are well aware of the history of the real estate developer and know that the one you have chosen is knowledgeable in assisting you in all possible ways.  

  • ISO 9001 or RERA registration - 

Legal recognition is a must. It’s to ensure that the company is RERA registered and carries out their practice safely without any obligation. Before you reach out to any real estate developing agency, ensure that you take note of these certifications.

  • Investment experts - 

Several NRI’s are interested in real estate for investment purposes. Thus, having investment experts to guide NRI’s into a sound investment venture is also required. The knowledge about real estate alone wouldn’t suffice for the task. 

  • Legal experts -

Covering the entire process of all the legal practices involved in securing the real estate development or investment venture is crucial for the firm. Thus, comprising a legal consulting team is a massive bonus in not messing things up in any of the transactions or steps in the world of real estate.   

 Thus, catering to the above-given pointers, the list of real estate developers who cater to NRI are as follows -

  • Godrej - 

An award-winning real estate development company that has its hands spread across the country in different real estate development projects. NRI can avail benefits for their real estate development endeavours in the country in major cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata and many more. They specialise in both commercial and residential projects to provide some of the most innovative and extraordinary real estate development outcomes. 

  • Kolte Patil Developers -   

Pune based real estate developers, Kolte Patil developers, are in the business for well over 25 years. Specialising in housing solutions and development project, they are primarily focused in the cities of Bangalore and Mumbai. Their best-known works have been for real estate building, high rise apartments and gated communities. 

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