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Real-life Results From an FUE Hair Transplant

Interested in getting a hair transplant but you are not sure if it's going to give you desired results? This post will show you real-life results if those who have undergone the FUE hair transplant procedure.

Many people who suffer from hair loss often wonder if they can get back their hair after a hair transplant procedure. Many have shied away from one of the best hair restoration procedures that could change their lives for good due to many misconceptions about this procedure. If you are suffering from hair loss and you have tried various remedies without success, the FUE hair transplant procedure is here for you. Once you get an FUE hair transplant treatment, you will not only solve your hair problems for good, but the outcome will also look desirable and natural. In this article, we will explain to you how an FUE hair transplant is done and give you a few examples of real-life results from real patients. Read on for inspiration. A hair transplant procedure is done to increase the density of hair in balding areas of the scalp. The hair transplant procedure can take two approaches. One of them is called the FUE – follicular unit extraction, and the other one is FUT – follicular unit transplantation. The FUE hair transplant is more advanced than the FUT approach because it is minimally invasive and doesn't leave a linear scar since no scalpels are needed. Hair follicles are collected one after the other. Although this Beverly Hills Hair Restoration approach takes more time than the FUT technique, the recovery and the downtime is shorter. While performing this procedure, the surgeon will apply local anesthesia to reduce discomfort and pain in both the recipient and the donor site. Many are now opting for the FUE hair transplant procedure because of these reasons. Wayne Rooney and Mel Gibson have had hair transplants, and the results were quite impressive. These are some of the real-life people who have tried the FUE hair transplant, and it has worked perfectly for them. If you are suffering from hair, you need to know you are not alone. Hair loss is a common condition that affects 50% of women and 60% of men worldwide. When it happens, many resort to over-the-counter hair loss medication such as minoxidil (Rogaine) to stop hair loss advancement. The difficulty with these kinds of medications is that they don't provide a permanent hair loss solution. The only way to get rid of hair loss for good is by having an FUE hair transplant treatment. Hair transplant is not new. It was first performed in Japan in 1939. Doctors from Japan performed this procedure with single scalp hairs. Since then, there have been extensive improvements made to make the outcome more natural-looking and permanent.

Does an FUE Hair Transplant Work?

FUE Hair Transpolant Depending on various factors, a hair transplant Beverly Hills Hair Restoration procedure is more effective than other procedures or over-the-counter medication. Some of the factors that need to be considered before having a hair transplant procedure include the density of hair in the donor and the kind of hair loss one is suffering from. The final results are noticeable within six to nine months. Therefore, as a patient, you should not expect immediate results. Before new hair starts to grow, the transplanted hair will first have to fall out. Over time, the transplanted hair will also thin as you grow old. In some instances, patients suffering from hair loss may have dormant hair follicles. This means that the hair follicles can produce hair. To increase the survival and growth rate of transplanted hair, PRP for hair loss will have to be combined with the FUE hair transplant procedure. It is also good to note that an FUE hair transplant procedure will only work for patients who want to restore hair thinned naturally or from injuries. Another fact about the FUE hair transplant procedure is that the doctor performing the hair transplant procedure will only use the patient's donor hair. An FUE hair transplant procedure will not work if:

  • The patient has widespread thinning and baldness
  • Chemotherapy or medication-induced hair loss
  • Thick scalp scars from injuries

What is the cost of having a Hair Transplant?

Although hair transplant is a bit expensive, their clinics allow patients to pay for the procedure in flexible installments. You also need to understand that health insurance providers hardly offer covers for hair transplant procedures because they are viewed as cosmetic surgeries. A topical FUE hair transplant procedure costs about $4,000 to $15,000 per session. That is if you are dealing with a reputable clinic that offers high-quality hair transplant treatments. Some of the factors that affect the FUE hair transplant cost include:

  • The experience of the doctor or surgeon
  • The sessions needed to complete the treatment
  • The hair transplant approach used
  • Availability of surgeons in your area


The FUE hair transplant is a useful procedure for those who want a more permanent and natural-looking solution. Many people have opted for the FUE hair transplant procedure, including celebrities. However, it is advisable that you confirm first with your doctor if you are the right candidate for an FUE hair transplant or not. The doctor will review the cause of the hair loss and suggest effective hair restoration options.

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