Reasons To Love Heart Shape Cake

Cakes are a universal choice for desserts especially for different types of celebrations all over the planet.

Cakes are a universal choice for desserts especially for different types of celebrations all over the planet. They are a decadent and joyous dessert that features most types of parties and celebrations. Cakes are not just about their flavors and toppings but also about their design. One of the most common designs in cakes is the famous heart shape cake made by using a heart shape mold. This is a favorite type of cake and is appropriate for different types of occasions. The following are some of the reasons to love the heart shape cake:

Reasons to Love Heart Shaped Cakes

Types of Occasions:

Heart shaped cakes signify the emotion of love and are very appropriate for different types of occasions. The following are some of the occasions for which heart shaped cakes are perfect as a dessert and as a special occasion cake:

Valentine’s Day

One of the best occasions for a heart shape cake is Valentine’s Day. This is a day to celebrate love and couples from all over the world celebrate the special occasion romantically. A couple can order a heart shape cake from top cake sites like Cakes2Homes and there can be an assortment of heart shaped cakes or large heart shaped cakes that can be ordered for Valentine’s Day party. Valentine’s Day heart shape cakes usually have red frosting, decorations and also the red velvet cake is a top choice for flavors in such cakes. It is a very romantic cake that couples can enjoy together. Heart shaped cakes are very popular and in trend especially in February during the Valentine’s Day season.


Another romantic occasion where the heart shape cakes are perfect is the different types of anniversaries that couples enjoy to celebrate their relationships. This, of course, includes wedding anniversaries where heart shaped cakes are practically the norm. But there are other types of anniversaries where couples place heart shape cake order to celebrate the occasion. This includes the day the couple met, the anniversary of their engagement and also romantic days that mean something special to the couple.


A birthday of a spouse or a partner is a romantic occasion for any couple. Birthdays are a great occasion and the heart shaped cake for a spouse, as a surprise, is a wonderful way to express love. Heart shaped birthday cakes are not just popular on birthdays in a romantic way but they are also very much in fashion with girls and young women especially in pastel shades and shades of pink.

Types of Flavors

Hearst shaped cakes are not just loved for their design. Cakes2Homes offer such cakes in different styles and flavors. The top choices in flavors for such types of cakes include red velvet, chocolate, strawberry, coconut, and lemon to name a few. Slightly more decadent flavors include white chocolate, butterscotch, almond, and truffle which are very popular with couples celebrating a relationship. Nowadays, vegan and low-fat cakes are also becoming a romantic option as taking care of each other’s health is a romantic thing to do in the 21st century.

Types of Cake Decorations on Heart Shaped Cakes

One of the reasons why heart shaped cakes is so loved all over the world is because of its fabulous decorations. Frosting and fondant are key features of some cakes. The frosting is all perfect for heart shaped cakes and frosting designs like stars, leaves, flowers, and ruffles are all very much in style for such cakes. These cakes are versatile and can be decorated using fondant flowers, fondant heart shapes, and even romantic fondant designs. They can be decorated by using edible ink print photos of the couple and also can be decorated with chocolate icing, chocolate shavings, and fruits.

As mentioned above they are very versatile cakes and especially ideal for romantic occasions. The reasons that are stated above clearly showcase that heart shape cakes are loved by many people all over the world.


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