Reasons: Why opt for a career in BPO?

BPO industry offers lucrative career opportunities. Here are some benefits the industry offers which sets it apart from others.

The BPO industry, or the BPM industry as it is now called, is estimated to grow at a compound growth annual growth rate of 7.75% between 2018 and 2025. Consequently, the total revenue is expected to reach skyrocketing numbers. Of all BPO companies, 500 companies are generating $17.8 billion in revenue. This constitutes 52% of the global industry, which is also currently working in India. 

In a nutshell, the BPO industry is not what it is made out to be. The industry is engaging, lifting, and empowering as a whole.  Half of the workforce in this industry are women, another accolade that proves the industry is progressive and rewarding. More importantly, proving the industry is an equal opportunity employer.

Reality is far from the truth
Like the myth—BPO is only for fresh graduates and doesn’t offer a long-term career. BPOs only offer call-center jobs is also a myth. BPO, now often referred to as BPM and stands for Business Process Management, offers specialized roles like Data Scientist, Software Engineers, marketers, etc.  In fact, the industry employs 14-15% of specialized professionals including engineers and data scientists.


BPO industry is high on growth and accommodates a large number of employees. Nasscom reports, the industry is extremely large and employs 3.5 million people. The industry continues to be the largest employer.

Professional growth is incomparably large in the industry. Nasscom reports the BPM industry invests heavily in the skill development of employees. Numerous training programs are designed for employees to train them in their respective fields. The industry is known for offering several ‘learn while you earn’ programs to help employees reach their career aspirations.  Collaborating with universities and other educational institutions to offer courses is another way the industry helps graduates to realize their potential and career aspirations.

Further, the BPO industry is hugely known for building creating leaders internally, instead of hiring leaders from outside.


BPOs benefit like any other company
If not more, BPOs offer similarly lucrative compensation packages along with benefits and amenities. You will spot coffee machines which delicious beverages, the cafeteria that provides free meals and snacks, and more. Weekend get-togethers and team outings are frequent which keep team morale high and teams productive. Commutation to and from work is always a hassle.

Pick-up and drop service stands-out among other benefits in the industry. You are conveniently picked and dropped at your residence.

Furthermore, BPOs offer a platform to enhance skills to a great extent. Improvement in communication and interpersonal skills can be largely witnessed in individuals who start their careers in BPOs. Growth is rapid as after working for 2-3 years, one can become a team leader. This further helps to instill managerial and leadership skills. While on the other hand, reaching managerial positions in other industries can take 5-6 years.

Additionally, working at a BPO exposes employees to core sectors like legal, engineering, finance, insurance, telecom. etc., helping them understand the industry 

Getting into the industry
Fresh college graduates and experienced professionals from other industries both are equally sought-after by the industry. Bachelor’s degree, however, is mandatory across the world’s leading BPOs.  

To enter the BPO industry, you don’t need a specific degree or skillset. However, to grow in your career, you may go for BPO certifications that validate your proficiency in the skills required for excelling at your job. Certification establish

Average communication skills along with being articulate are important to qualify for most roles in the industry. There on, employers provide training to improve other required skills.

Depending on the sector a BPO is operating in, the requirement of skills would vary. Analytical skills, for instance, are required for BPOs operating in the insurance sector.

All in all, the BPO industry offers a lucrative and growth-oriented career. For anyone seeking a long-term and promising career, BPO is a good option.  

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