Recipe of Chinese Hot & Sour Soups

Recipe of Chinese Hot & Sour Soups

Hot and Sour soup is famous from different continents but Chinese soup is most famous among all other soup varieties. Though this soup is made little spicy and it contains meat pieces and pork pieces, some-times pork blood is also mixed in the soup to give a thick taste to the soup. The soup is also made with vegetables for vegetarians

Ingredients & Recipe of Chinese Hot & Sour Soups


  1. Mushrooms
  2. Bamboo shoots
  3. Dried shiitake mushrooms
  4. Dried tiger lily buds
  5. Chicken pieces
  6. Pork pieces
  7. Bean curd
  8. Soy sauce
  9. White sugar
  10. Salt
  11. White pepper
  12. Sesame oil
  13. Red wine vinegar
  14. Corn starch
  15. Water
  16. Some tofu
  17. Green onion
  18. Little beaten eggs

Recipe Process:

First soak the mushrooms and tiger lily buds in the warm water for 10 minutes and then cut them into small pieces then take a large container and add some water into it then add mambo shoots, mushrooms, tiger lily buds and pork pieces. 

Now in a different container add some water and add sugar, salt, white pepper, and soy sauce and stir it for some minutes. Now add a little soup to the corn starch and keep rest soup in the pan now add some bean curd into it and keep it on flame for 2 minutes.

Add some little beaten eggs into it at the time of serving and then serve it by adding little scallions into it. Serve it hot and spicy. 

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