Recipe of Oyster Omelets

Recipe of Oyster Omelets

This dish is famous for it’s differentiated taste in all over the world. It is served with eggs, meat, chicken and sea food. It is different from other egg omelets. And it’s tangy taste compels you to try it again with a different surprise of taste. One can experiment it with the use different ingredients.

Ingredients & Recipe of Oyster Omelets


  1. Fresh oysters
  2. Little beaten eggs
  3. Onion pieces
  4. Oil
  5. Fish sauce
  6. Sugar
  7. White pepper powder

Recipe Process:

Clean the oysters with water and make sure there is no sand and other dirt particles left. Then beat some eggs in the bowl and add onion pieces into it with sugar, fish sauce and white pepper powder and mix it well. Now take a large pan and spread the egg mixture on it. Now, after a while try to spread the egg mix all over the pan and then add the oysters into it now flip the omelet on the other side and let it cook for a while. You can even cut it into multiple pieces. Now you can remove from the pan and serve it with some sauces.

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