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Though we see a lot of terrible things happening around us, we tend to believe that we are safe from it all. Cancer was such a thing in our family. We kept hearing stories of how some of our neighbours, old friends or colleagues were suffering from it yet believed that nothing of that sort would ever happen to us. This train of thought came to an end when my brother in law was diagnosed with prostate cancer a few months ago. The entire family was in complete shock, and we had no idea as to what our next step should be. 

We became more troubled when we started looking for cancer treatment options. As we're from a middle-class family, we can't afford to spend large amounts of money, but we also wanted to ensure that my brother in law had the best possible treatment so that he could recover. We spent hours researching, enquiring and debating to find the perfect place for treatment. 

When several people suggested, we opt for Rajiv Gandhi Institute of cancer research; we were quite apprehensive at first. Almost everyone in India knows about this world-famous cancer institute which operates as an NGO, and being in Delhi; we knew it all too well. Though we knew the centre for its brilliance in cancer research, after a few recent events arose regarding Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital Complaints, we were not keen on it. 

Many former patients told us that they were disheartened by the scandal, which was all fake because the doctors and staff who strive tirelessly towards patients' reputation do not deserve to get tarnished as such. They said that such false complaints couldn't be further from the truth- Rajiv Gandhi institute is the first and only choice for cancer treatment. We recalled how, after a few negative complaints, thousands of patients from the Institute shared their appreciative stories about the Institute. 

We finally decided to proceed with treatment at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of cancer research, and we couldn't be happier about that decision. Every Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital Delhi Review from patients aligns with the treatment we received. 

Everyone already knows about the huge 2000 acre campus equipped with all the cutting edge tools and equipment to be considered as a world-class hospital- it is the most premier Institute in Asia that specializes in cancer research. But they don't know about the amazing staff, caring nurses, responsive doctors, and supremely skilled technicians. The fact that you get access to top-notch medical treatment at throwaway price is just mesmerizing. My brother in law was able to get quality prostate cancer treatment without blowing through his life's savings, and we are eternally grateful. 

The doctors, who are some of the best in the world, always devised the best treatment options and took care of my brother in law with great dedication. The nurses and ward boys were always sweet and friendly. 

Even if we thank everyone at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of cancer research, it's not enough considering the quality of life of my brother will live. Every single worry about the Institute and queries about Rajiv Gandhi cancer hospital complaints we heard, vanished the moment we stepped inside. Because of the efforts of Rajiv Gandhi Institute of cancer research and everyone associated with it, my brother in law is hale and hearty again. I'd just like to say that all the negative Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital Delhi Reviews you've read are probably not true and are spread by competitors who can't even hold a candle to them. Take it from actual patients that Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital Delhi, has treated, your loved ones are in good hands. 

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