Restore 1844-932-6261 AOL Desktop gold icon missing on windows 10

How to Restore AOL Desktop Gold Icon Missing Issue?

AOL Desktop gold icon not responding or not working gives you a tough time?

This problem happens whenever you launch desktop gold software on your Computer/PC system.

In most of the cases, you got this problem because of Computer compatibility with download AOL desktop application or something wrong with your browser.

So, it is the time to find answers for your AOL desktop won’t open problem.

Just follow given post instructions that are easy and simple to fix desktop gold issues.

Why AOL Gold Icon Not Responding?

There are various reasons when your AOL desktop not loading or open. So, check out reasons which are explained below:

1. Restart the System

In case, you have come across this problem, the first step which you should follow is to restart your system.

  • First close all the folders or files that are open and also close all the running programs.
  • Then click on Alt+F4 or go to start button -> click on power button-> Then click restart button.  
  • Once restart your system, check your desktop gold software response or not.

2. Check the Network Connection

If you are using an internet connection which is weak, then this will lead to AOL Desktop Gold Icon Not Responding So, to fix this issue first check the network connection.

  • Go to Start button and select on “network and sharing centre” option.
  • Then go to change your network setting category and select trouble shooter problems.
  • Then select on internet connection to solve the connectivity problem.
  • Then click on network adapter to troubleshoot other network adapters.
  • If any issue with the modem connectivity arises, it will get displayed in the screen.
  • Follow the instructions that are provided and fix the issue and restart the system.

3. Remove and Scan any virus software

Some viruses or malicious programs are so strong that they can control the working of the system. So to check this and get rid of AOL Desktop Gold not opening by follows the given steps:

  • Go and select the Start button and select on Control Panel.
  • Then select on manage another account which is then followed by a user account in the Window.
  • Then press on new user account and create a new icon to check if it’s working or not.
  • If the process works then delete the previous account and use the new one that you have created now.

4. Update the Software

Sometimes using the older version of desktop gold software or application display AOL desktop gold freezes or won’t open issue on your system.

So, you need to update AOL desktop gold software with latest version. Most of the times, desktop gold software update automatically, if not you need to do it manually.

5. Checking of gold source file

To solve this issue, you need to have a technical knowledge of how to deal with it. To diagnose and fix the problem, you need to follow the steps which are explained below:

  • Search for the icon in the desktop or in the system tray and then right click on that.
  • Then select on properties from the drop down menu. Then go to the dialogue box and check for the targeted files and copy the URL.
  • Now paste it in the Internet Explorer and verify its availability. In case, if it is not a file then deletes the icon from the desktop.
  • You need to open “C drive” now and go to AOL desktop gold folder.
  • Search for the icon and examine if the symbol is working.
  • In case if it is functioning, then right-click on the AOL Gold icon and creates a new one on the screen.

6. Disable Firewall and Anti-Virus

Sometimes, firewall and anti-virus deny internet access to software. If you wish to avoid any error messages then you need to first disable all security programs for some time. Once the AOL software responds from the shortcut icon, you can enable both firewall and anti-virus. To disable a firewall program, you need to follow the consecutive steps:

  • Go and double click on installed anti-virus icon that is displayed in system tray.
  • After clicking on that, the security center Window will get opened.
  • After that select on web and email protection option followed by Firewall on link.
  • Then select onturn off button to disable the firewall.
  • Another window will open, which will ask when you want the firewall program to resume.
  • Choose the required time interval from the drop-down menu and click turn off and press on done button to confirm the procedure.
  • Then, try by launching the AOD software from the icon.

7. Restoring Windows Setting

In this process, all the setting that is done in the machine will date back to the time you have last made the changes. To resolve this problem, you need to go to start menu and select on the help and support button. Also check if the internet connection is proper. Then click on pick a task and undo changes to the system. Then select on next button and then type the date. Then click on the next button to complete the process.

See guide,

If you find AOL desktop gold error 104 on the system;


After applying these method or tips, you can easily eliminate the AOL gold not working problem.

Still, having problem AOL gold freezes, contact support team (844)-932-6261 for taking troubleshooting assistance to resolved problem with complete steps.