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We are the top notch organization of sales performance consulting & sales training in India. Enhancing the productivity levels through sales training programs and helping to apply a strategic approach to execute successful sales negotiations. We provide effective strategic sales negotiation, strategic key account management, presentation skills training, and essential sales training in India. visit @

Mercuri International is the world’s largest sales performance consulting and Training Organization, headquartered in Stockholm – Sweden. We help nearly 15,000 companies per year in more than 40 countries, and in over 30 languages, to become more efficient and effective in their sales activities, and achieve necessary improvements in results. We offer unrivalled expertise to organizations across businesses and industries. Sales training in india, we operate since 1987, from Bangalore with branches at Chennai, Mumbai and Pune.

Founded by Curt Abrahamsson, a Swedish Industrialist in association with Heinz Goldmann of the Goldmann Institute, in the 1960s, Mercuri International is the world’s leading Sales Consulting and Result Improvement company..

Mercuri India, in the last 30 years of its presence, has worked across a range of businesses & industries. We have built a reputation of providing high quality work with a truly deep customer focus. 

We collaborate with our customers to help them gain a competitive edge through people and process development in Sales & Customer Service. We continue to learn from the past and build an organization that is modern, stays relevant & constantly adds value.

Our unique strength is our consulting capability to design bespoke solutions.Every development intervention we do for our Clients is ‘bespoke’ and created based on our deep understanding of their needs, issues, challenges and opportunities, with an array of know-how blocks developed, proven, established over decades of Corporate Training

At Mercuri India, we are committed to learning. Having enabled learning for 30 years in some of the best learning organizations across the world, we understand what learning means, what drives learning, and what makes learning work.. for individuals and for organizations. And we have been continuously learning all along the way.

The secret recipe for learning, is in its sharing. What you know and what you learn multiply when you share them.

Welcome to your Knowledge Center !

In these pages, you will have access to some valuable learning resources. In the section on Build Your Library, you will find some classic books on Sales and Leadership. In the Insights page, you will find some very relevant monographs that address opportunities and challenges that you deal with at work. The link to Mercuri Mail takes you to all past issues of our quarterly journal. In Beyond Sales, you will even find some fine poetry to help you reflect , refresh and renew .

We will build this Knowledge Center brick by brick. Periodically, we will share the essence of some of our powerful know-how blocks here. Take time to immerse yourself in the content here, and also share these with your co-learners, friends and colleagues. And, if you have some insights that you want to share with us, write to:

Make it a habit to come in here often, even if for a few minutes every now and then. For, we believe one can never be so busy a wood-cutter, that one doesn’t have the time to sharpen his axe!

We invite you to share your co-ordinates here. So we can inbox your learning links. We are responsible people. We don’t spam.

Mercuri India is part of Mercuri International, spread across Europe, Middle East, USA, Latin America, Japan and Asia Pacific. With an international presence of 60 years and 30 years in India, Mercuri has a pedigree, few can match. As the worlds largest sales performance consultancy, we are a provider of total solutions that mirror international expertise and deep local knowledge.

A wide geographical coverage enables us to discover new trends and best practices that help us build product breadth and depth for today and tomorrow. Operating worldwide enhances understanding of customer challenges and consequently leads to sharp and focused value-add to our customers.

In short, it is not about just an impressive global reach, it is all about delivering results for the Customer.

We are proud of our global presence. Guided by our values and driven by a passionate work ethic, we will continue to serve our Customers by delivering world class solutions that take their sales to a higher level.

We provide effective strategic sales negotiation, strategic key account management, presentation skills training, and essential sales training in India. visit @

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