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School Security Guards Services in Sydney

Protect your students and institutions reputation with our professional school security guards and school security systems services.

The Most Reliable Provider Of School Security Guards In NSW

Pinnacle Protection can establish emergency procedures, advise on current procedures and provide solutions for security loopholes to make sure you get the best out of our security guards. These may include, determining the best evacuation pathways, providing safety training to staff and students, ensuring that fire there are fire safety equipment and extinguishers and clearing fire pathways clear of obstructions to allow easy passage in the event of an evacuation. Our guards are also trained to use your fire panels and follow procedures for tripped smoke alarms. Schools that require security positions to be filled can rely on Pinnacle Protection to be a professional provider of school security guards. We’ve never under supplied our clients for any event or on any site. This is a testament to our ability to provide the best school security guards servicess in Sydney on campuses.

School Consultancy And Advisory Services

Together, school security can be significantly improved. When everyone is aware of the basic safety and security steps and procedures, you could make your campus trouble-free. Our school security services can provide tailor-made training programs to educate staff and students on risk awareness and personal safety.

Some of the key areas that our security personnel can help with are:

  • Harassment
  • Intimidation and assault
  • Trespassing
  • Vandalism

Get everyone educated on school security and Book a time with us and we can organise the right safety material to educate your students and staff

Enhanced School Security Services And Technologies

CCTV camera installations and monitoring and mobile patrols are also available for enhanced security school security services. Many schools utilise basic security camera technologies, and while Pinnacle Protection also offer CCTV camera installation, we offer services that enhance security to ensure that all incidents are drastically reduced or prevented altogether. A strategically placed security base to optimize security presence and a GPS patrol system for precise patrolling of high risk areas are established. The GPS patrol system uses a hand-held GPS tracked device to scan GPS tags strategically set up around the school to ensure that regular patrols of these high risk areas are covered by the school security guards. 

The officers are well equipped with high visibility clothing and torches to ensure 24 hours of security patrols are effectively conducted. All guards are trained to deal with these highly effective processes and are able to professionally and swiftly escalate a given problematic situation. Amongst these services, CCTV, GPS-tracked marked car patrols as well as advanced drone technologies could also be deployed to further enhance school security for quick, quality widespread surveillance around the school grounds and on top of buildings to ensure protection is guaranteed all round. With the use of such cutting-edge technologies with an effective strategy, we at Pinnacle Protection separate ourselves from other school security companies in Sydney and NSW.


On Campus Security & Training From Our School Security Guards

Pinnacle Protection provides unparalleled school security services to all types of education institutions: pre-schools, schools, colleges & universities. We provide a range of school security services in NSW, including school security guards, around-the-clock security patrols and safety escorts, supported by an operations centre that is staffed 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Our security guards at school are qualified to man CCTV cameras, navigate school grounds and communicate with children so they feel safe with Pinnacle Protection looking after them.


What kind of tasks do security guards perform on school premises?

Pinnacle Protection guards patrol the school premises, watch CCTVs, get rid of animals that enter the buildings and provide regular reports for you to see our guards’ performance.

Do your guards have Working with Children certificates?

Yes. Although it is not necessary if guards make no to very little contact with children, we make sure all guards that work on your school premises have working with children certificates in line with government regulations.

Is a mobile car patrol a cheaper option than security guards on foot?

In general yes. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Mobile patrol security allows for faster travel around and are recommended for large campuses such as universities. Since they cover more area, it is cheaper to have a single security guard in a car as opposed to multiple guards to cover a large campus.

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