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Screen Time is No Time

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Gone are the days that kids play freely and put on their energies on anything they find fascinating around their home space. Nowadays, working parents tend to cling on smartphones and on televisions to aid them in taking care of their children while being away for a living. It animates the user to be busy at watching cartoons, movies, and sports and makes you tied up all day long catching each episode till the break of dawn. While gadgets are pretty awesome to look at, very easy to use and available wherever you are. Perhaps, the majority would say, if not, all cannot imagine a world without smartphones.

Screen time or TV time is the time spent on being busy using your electronic devices. Pediatricians always remind parents or caregivers to ensure that all screens off around babies and toddlers younger than 18 months. Only an hour of screentime per day is allowed to children 2yrs and older. And when breaking the rules happen, too much screen time could be harmful – definitely delays your toddler’s milestones.

It is saddening to know that too much exposure to watching TV or use of smartphones by children 2 yrs and older links to having a lack of energy, delayed speech and may have social problems. For older kids, some students are poor performers or bullied outside the home.

To start all over again, a quality life without being hooked up to electronic devices can be done in many ways.

  • Make your home a livable home with nature.

Get used to things with less electronic devices. Talk to your child as often as you want. Take turns sharing what transpired for the day and get to know their schedules in advance. Family is love, indeed. Do the same regularly when you can just sit and relax chatting about your favorites and life’s purposes.

  • Have screen time guidelines at home.

Establish rules and make it a habit. Parents should have a creative plan to limit the use and make stimulating fun activities for children to get busy at.

On the other hand, take pleasure of the rules and appreciate good followers for considering to respect the house rules.

Nowadays parents want all the best for their child. Parents use to work from morning till evening just to support the needs of the family, which make them busy that ended up letting the child to have the screen or smart devices for them not to cause distraction and make their own activity- which is totally wrong. There is day care brisbane centre that provides education service to the family. Family Day Care Centre provides high-quality learning setting on school and out of school education. They are the best on this kind of programs for children’s learning development. For us parents that cannot avoid the busyness cause by work or other important things but still want to educate their child in the same way, you may ask assistance to them they are really glad to talk with you about your child. Visit their website for more information

  • Get help Professionally 

When your child shows significant signs of delay such as not talking according to expected milestone, talk to your nearest day care brisbane near you. Early intervention is the best approach to aid him in progressing his development. Family day care centre offer individual programs to cater to the individual needs of a child.

There’s a time for everything and doing a digital detox would be helpful to develop a smarter brain, a healthier living and a growing family relationship.



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