Seed paper invitations: A Great Way to Impress Your Guests!

Seed Paper Invitations have been in a great trend these days. You need to know the complete information regarding the seed invitations with their rising demand. Read below for complete information on the seed invites.

Seed paper invitations are a great idea for truly green wedding invitations. These are biodegradable and 100% eco-friendly invitations made with post-consumer paper and embedded with seeds. When it comes to choosing the best-designed seed paper invitation for your wedding, then no one can beat the plant able wedding card collection of Seven Colours Card. Our all-natural seed paper invitations make it the most meaningful impact and can amaze your guests.

What is a seed paper invitation? 

Seed paper refers to a cotton paper generally re-used, with seeds surrounded in it. If you put seed paper invitations in the wet soil, you can observe that paper decomposes and seeds grow to a seedling then develop to a plant. We believe that each unique invitation card planted, lasting relationships will take origin. 

Each seed paper invitation is set in with seeds and is obtainable in numerous colors and designs. You can use it as greeting cards, wedding invitations, social gatherings invitations, or for any purpose.

Why is it beneficial to choose our seed wedding invitations?

As the world is gradually moving towards an eco-friendly or greener approach, the need for plant able products is becoming more apparent. That’s where the idea of seed paper invitation develops. People like you who prefer the use of seed paper-based products can use to continue with a sustainable lifestyle.

Following are the reasons that show why people should go for seed paper wedding invitation:

  • A wedding is a time for great celebration and what’s the better idea to invite all your guests with complete eco-friendly invitations. Sending plant able invitations show your concern towards a sustainable environment. The golden glittery touch border on the side is very elegant. Creamy background goes well with it. Purple shade of the text on creamy card is very fascinating.

Screenshot (633).png


  • It shares your responsibility towards nature plus gives you a memorable experience regarding your wedding. 


  • Apart from it, when people receive your wedding invitation through a seed paper invitation card, they will never forget the occasion. 

How should you make the best choice for seed paper invitation?

You can trust us for the following reasons: 

  • Modernized collection: The clients will find numerous seed paper invitations like Maroon shade of the text goes well with yellow leaves touch. The lovable part is the creamy background that adds elegance to your wedding card which is are not only earth-friendly but beautiful as well. You will find a great mixture of flower and herb seeds that retains their feasibility, are beautifully designed for amazing your guests.


Screenshot (632).png

  • Reasonable prices: We provide our clients with alternative eco-friendly or plant able invitations at affordable prices like below golden touch with a floral design card beautifully designed and elegant shade of that won many hearts. User experience and their satisfaction is our main concern, thus we guarantee you every seed plant invitation that you pick will be of pocket-friendly.