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Many SEO companies Canada follows a systematic process to bring best existing ranking for a new website. Over the years, SEO process has been similar, but now things have got changed.

 Now, the old tactics can’t be used today to rank your website to achieve the expected results. You have to follow latest SEO techniques in order to get the top Google ranking, which is why SEO company Canada should cover the latest SEO process to improve your website’s online presence. Take a look:

Step #1. Do keyword research:

First and foremost thing you must follow doing SEO services in Canada is having a full knowledge about what people are searching on the internet and what information you are looking for. Today, there are various free and paid tools which help you do keyword research. Keep following things in your mind and do SEO Canada keyword research:

  • Start with long tail, but with low competition
  • Use Google auto complete in order to get more idea
  • Always use Google related search
  • Use tools like:
  • Or for best results you can tools like: SEM Rush helping you do keyword research

Step #2.  Competitive Analysis as well as Website Audit

After keyword research, your next step is to do competitive analysis and website audit. Website audit is primarily important to make a list of on-page as well as off-page activities. Many companies prefer skipping this process, but best SEO companies In Canada should look forward to do competitive analysis. There are various paid tools available for website audit. You can also try for assessment.

Step #3: SEO services in Canada should include looking forward to On Page/Site Optimization

Google is smarter than you think, it is becoming more intelligent & merely by adding keyword rich content, you can’t be confirmed of first position. There are various factors which help you get first position due to recent algorithm updates. Have a look at “on page optimization” tips as well as factors:

  • Prefer writing original as well as useful content
  • Don’t merely add keywords to your content, instead provide valuable information
  • Your site structure or URL structure matters a lot.
  • Website should load faster
  • Website should be mobile friendly
  • Your site must be updated on a regular basis

Step #4: Per Link Building and off-page optimization

The 4th step followed by best SEO companies In Canada is link building which is best for ranking and trust. For this, you don’t have to just create links from any websites. But what’s more important is earning links from relevant authority websites. Because if you would start building links from poor quality websites having little thin content, then you will not be able to gain ranks.

Step #5: SEO Canada services must monitor ranking and keep updating content

Last but not the least step in best SEO services in Canada are monitoring and keep updating the content. As we all know, SEO Canada is not one-time activity, you need to keep updating your content, keep creating new content on regular basis. Updating the content is not enough, you will also have to monitor ranking as well as update your content as you may not be able to maintain your ranking. Don’t worry you don’t have to do it by your own, but there are many tools which will help you to monitor ranking of your website. The tools are: webceoSEM RushSeoprofiler etc. that are best used for monitoring ranking.

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