SEO Techniques in 2021

SEO Techniques in 2021: White Hat, Black Hat & Grey Hat SEO

Get to know Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques in 2021 & their uses. SEO tactics are divided into 3 parts: White Hat, Black Hat & Gray Hat SEO.

Typically, the SEO tactics are segregated into two broad divisions: The White Hat SEO & the Black Hat SEO.


What White Hat SEO is?

The White Hat SEO tactics are a surefire series of techniques planned & executed on a website to promote its visibility & web traffic while complying with Google and other search engine guidelines. It is additionally, remaining true to the ETHICAL principles of doing digital business.


What Black Hat SEO is?

On the flip side, Black Hat SEO tactics are termed illegal or cheating by most search engines.

Then Why Are People Still “Going Gaga” About Black Hat Techniques?


No Enigma Code Here…..


The Answer is Pretty Straightforward-

If your Black Hat SEO adventure goes under the radar of Google algorithms, then you are going to see tremendous results, way beyond your expectations!!




Snatching Google’s Top Three Positions in a Matter of 24 Hours?

Whereas the White Hat SEO methods require months to arrive at a scenario when the results are somewhat visible!


But, Hey, Your Black Hat SEO Techniques Can Land You in a “Puddle of Mudd” with No Escaping.

So, at this point, you’ve probably convinced yourself:

“Got It. Just Implement White Hat SEO & Everything Gone to Be Good”


And, while that’s true, it is not as duck-soup as you might perceive. The results are too hard to come by with White Hat SEO; that’s why it is imperative to know the third way of doing SEO, the “Gray Hat SEO.”

In this post, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive insight into Gray Hat SEO, How It Works, and Most Recommended Techniques to Implement in 2021


1. Introduction To Gray Hat SEO

It refers to an array of methods that aren’t completely disapproved by the Google search engine algorithms but still doesn’t fall under the category of White Hat SEO.


So, They Are like Calculated Risks in Cricket…

If it pays off, you are going to get amazing results

The Other Way Around...


“You Don’t Have to Pay a Heavy Price like That of Black Hat SEO. “

Google won’t penalize your site immediately; a warning here and there won’t do any harm.

There is considerable dispute among the SEO community….

Many see clocking and buying expired domains as Gray Hat SEO tactics, while for some, both these practices are simply Black Hat SEO


2. Recommended Gray Hat SEO Techniques

Here, we’ve compiled five Gray Hat SEO techniques to enforce without getting your site penalized.

Let’s Take a Tour-


2.1 Building a Public Blog Network

Commonly pronounced as SEO Squatting, this Gray Hat SEO Strategy is recently gaining a lot of popularity simply with the sheer amount of potential to drive valuable SEO results.

In this method, we buy expired domains relevant to your business niche.

Add a few web pages and direct backlinks to your primary website, which you want to rank on Google.


But Now You Probably Think, Why Only the Expired Domains?

The Big Why??

The domains which have expired have their link juice present over the Internet, and this can be redirected to your money website in your quest to capture top positions in search engine results pages.


2. 2 Redesign Your Website Every Now & then

Even though the content is more or less than the same when the website's coding is changed slightly, it manipulates the Google Algorithms; they THINK that the content is freshly added.

So, out-of-the-blues, the website, which was struggling to even rank itself on the first page of Google results, is now positioned in the first three positions.

But Sometimes This Can Backfire, and Your Site Rankings Can Downslide like a Free-Fall.


Here Are Website Redesigning Tips To Improve Your Local SEO Services Results-

      Add Strong Visual Features and Elements

      Personalize Your Website Based on Your Brand

      Add New Landing Pages Focused on Converting Users

      Optimize the Entire Website for SEO

      Make Sure All Pages Are Mobile-First


2.3 Pay for Reviews

There are plenty of tech-savvy people out there ready to write reviews for your business website on multiple consumer feedback portals in exchange for a few dollars.

Believe me; these guys can write on just about any subject, as long as they are compensated well.

And, the Best Part, This Is Technically Not Illegal.

However, make ascertain that the reviews appear somewhat genuine. Otherwise, your prospective clients will easily make sure that they are spam. This will surely hamper your market credibility.



There are no definite rules to rank your website higher on search engine organic results...

Yes, there are White, Black & Gray Hat SEO tactics that can be implemented to get your website from zero to number one on Google.

It’s always advised to focus on those SEO methods that won’t get your site penalized by Google.

Hire a Digital Marketing Services Company that provides comprehensive, tailored SEO services that devour the competition.

So, what do you think about Gray Hat SEO? Are they any other powerful SEO technique? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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