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Samsung Refrigerator has been decorated with smart features that have made the refrigerator more attractive.

Samsung Refrigerator is an ordinary tower shape model of refrigerator with a maximum storage capacity of 210 liters. This black color bottom mount refrigerator model has a graphic layout in front of the door gasket. This design has made this refrigerator more colorful and appealing. Fridge price in Bangladesh has been decorated with smart features that have made the refrigerator more attractive.

Let us have a Look at a few of the essential characteristics of this product in a glimpse.


- Along with an attractive layout, this product was decorated with futuristic features. So this item will cause you to feel comfy to use.

- Nanotechnologies are a standard and essential attribute for a refrigerator to keep the food safe for more time without making any trouble into the food test and small.

- Jet air cooling features is an impressive one. If you would like to create your food trendy within a brief time, you need to press the jet cooling. This is going to make your food frozen within a limited time.

- Alongside outside look, its interior Seem can also be outstanding. Each of the levels of the compartment has been decorated with plastic electricity layers, and LED lighting is given to make sure about the bright appearance of every bay.

- This is an available version of so you would easily have Samsung fridge price in Bangladesh at your closest Transcom Digital home appliances showrooms.


- No doubt this can be an outstanding out looking model of the refrigerator, but its body parts might have been better.

Layout and Measurement

Now along with using futuristic features to ensure food safety, it is necessary to have an outstanding outlook. This appliance version does play a critical role in the duration of producing your place beautiful to live and watch. This black color bottom mount refrigerator version has graphical design at the front of the door gasket. This design has made this refrigerator more colorful and appealing. This product has been decorated with intelligent features that have made the fridge more appealing.

Storage capacity

Deep freezer price in Bangladesh has a storage capacity of 619 liters. This is an important area to maintain your food safely from other weather conditions. The bottom part of the refrigerator can be used to keep non-vegetarian meals, and the upper portion for ordinary food. Several places are available to keep the meals individually with real odor and test.

Accessible Features

Each of the specified Attributes is intelligent and can be utilized to keep the food safe from being rotten the food as well as usable by any level user.

Accessible Characteristics of the product are given below.

Maximum Storage: this is the most excellent 619 liters storage capability foundation version of the refrigerator with a different compartment to hold the food with actual aroma and evaluation. This product is also letting you open up just that door which one you want to open.

Nano Technology: This is a Nanotechnology comprising a model of refrigerator. This technology makes sure regarding food safety and prevents the food from becoming rotten without disturbing any test and vitamin of their meals.

No frost: This is a non-frost model of refrigerator that keeps the food secure at high cooling without making freeze the food. Additionally, it helps to take out the food safely from the fascia.

Multi air Stream: unlike other refrigerator models, this merchandise has many atmospheres flowing fans in the equal cavity to stream the air easily at both compartments.

Intelligence inverter system: it has an intelligence inverter system which makes the full use of the power properly. So at the end of the month, you wouldn't receive the electricity bill over the limitation. This technology does begin the engine in the time of requirement and does be sure about keeping the power bill within the limit.

Well, Decoration: both the cavity is decorated with various layers and a pocket basket to ensure the correct distribution of their food in addition to a few LED light for the apparent prognosis of the cavity.

Six doors: Due to having six-door at the distinct industry of their refrigerator. It does not loose extra cool. It just needs to open up the specific entry to emerge the product securely.

Photosynthetic Fresh-keep technology: this technology is responsible for keeping the food fresh and testy in the time of hot summer. Throughout the summertime, food lost his moisture and left the food tender. So keep the meals in the right shape by maintaining suitable cooling at the cavity.

Electric Attributes

This is a High power-intensive model of everyday appliances. So it's clear to get a high electricity bill at the end of the month. Hitachi fridge price in Bangladesh operates using the standard voltage of 220v into 230V. It only consumes minimum power energy so that your electricity bill will be staying within the limitation at the close of the month.

Price and Availability

Refrigerator price in Bangladesh are a black color model of double door refrigerator, which may be seen at your closest Transcom Digital home appliances Showrooms at affordable prices.

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