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Six Elementary Protocols for Business Meetings and Corporate Events

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When you are in business it is necessary to learn the basic etiquette of business, essentially when you are involved at the corporate level. It is observing few professionals are trained by the passage of time, well it’s a lifetime learning to attain manners, communication skills. However many organizations or large event staffing companies conduct day two or three workshops to show etiquette and self-grooming activities at different events or meetings. Many of us believe that behaviors and body language matter a lot only in person but in the corporate world, inattention could damage your entire career or relationship with your clients. While attending corporate events it shows a relaxed environment but still, it surrounded by a couple of protocols and principles of the business world.

It is definite that events and corporate functions are not considered comfort zone for many but they must show excellence when dealing with customers, colleagues and invited guests for this you must learn business languages and skills. Remember that the purpose of decorum is to provide a gesture that allows everyone to feel positive and motived during meetings and functions.

1. How to respond RSVP?

Invitations are the best way to demonstrate the outlook of the event like the details about its significance, organizers and brief agenda including time, place and special instructions are included in the RSVP.

Keep it simple and attractive as many guests rely on that invitation, RSVP could be more generic with phone, email and important contact details. With appropriate information, guests can respond within the time frame. While in the case when you’re invited to the event and not be able to attend then your first job is to notify your host with best wishes and excuse from your side.

2. Always be on time

Organizers and event managers spend a lot of time and energy and resources to make it happened and if you are invited then it’s your prior responsibility to be on time. Most importantly when it’s your own event then you must arrive before 30 minutes to keep your event smooth and hassle-free.

Sometimes many guests have on arrival registration, they need to be selective sometimes because of a large gathering. This process could take 20 to 30 minutes so you need patience when delay happened in welcome and registration. It is recommended to stay in the event till last as many events have closing surprises or closing ceremony with lots of benefits. 

3. Dress well and keep buoyant

Normally business outfits classified as suits globally, but there are plenty of ways to get it more formal. White shirts look nicer with any color and it shows that you have a great sense of dressing. Or you can keep it simple with dressy pants and shirt with simple black or blue tie, similarly, keep it classy with casual jackets. Most importantly do not wear crinkle and pucker shirts, make sure it should be pressed well.   

Keep in mind that many events are located in the arena or other venues where they recommend only casual wear.  Resorts, sports tracks and other places only allow casual dresses so make sure you are wearing dresses accordingly.

4. How to greet your delegation?

Most of us attend those events in a group or team and you might need to introduce a few members of your team to the host.  In this scenario, you need to follow a hierarchy approach. Like in the order from middle managers to the top managers and seniors positions. Also sometimes when you fail to recall the name of any member then introduce it like Mr. or Mrs. from the concern department name.

5. Handshake like a Man

One of the pioneers and most important etiquettes of the business world is “Handshake”.  Always do hands shake when arriving or sendoff. There is an extremely easy option to follow with lots of benefits including nice gesture. There is not even an obligation to greet others except event but in daily life, you need to follow sincere body language and eye to eye contact. When it comes to delegation always greet the host first then follow every other member one by one.

6. Where to talk and what about?

These Events are all about listening and communication here you need serious skills. Because discussing something in the group is difficult you cannot be an emphasis on the topic though. And when we talk about manners you’re not supposed to interfere directly, or standing position must be attentive with impressive eye contact and positive response on the discussion.

If you have enough knowledge or know business communication then you must join the debate and speak loudly on trending topics. You can also raise new topics of common interest. Also, avoid rectifying other members directly. When you keep the group unified and everyone shares his or her concerns without any hassle then you are on the right track. Encourage team members so they will be graceful lately with you and appreciate your efforts. Avoid slang words and immoral statements during the discussion.

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