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Slip Resistant Epoxy Flooring for Industrial and Commercial Facility

Businesses, whether in industrial or commercial places, need to choose the right flooring for their facility and install a coating that is slip resistance. If the right flooring is not chosen correctly, some problems can hinder the daily operation from running smoothly. 

The right type of flooring and slip resistance must be applied to specific business as different factors can lessen the floor's durability and slip resistance. You must know first what type of business you have and what type of flooring suit best for your industry.

If you do not consider these things, you will suffer from getting repair all the time, and your workers will have to deal with constant slipping or minor accident because of your floor. This might affect your business, and we know that you do not want that. 

Avoid improperly-installed or the wrong type of flooring for your workplace. The slip-resistant epoxy flooring is a perfect flooring for all types of business. Learn the problems you will face when you choose the wrong flooring and understand how epoxy and industrial flooring can work for you. 

Problem: Cracks, peels, and tears in flooring

Let us know the reasons why you may be seeing cracks, peels, and tears in your facility's floor:

  • Concrete used is poor quality or poorly mixed
  • Not durable and does not have the tensile strength to withstand heavy traffic
  • You already have an epoxy flooring; however, it was not properly mixed or applied

The cracks, peels, and tears in your facility can cause injuries, accidents, tripping, and falling to your workers and the supplies you have in your facility. Because your floor is not smooth and has cracks, all of these things will likely happen every time.

Leaving these cracks, peels, and tears can cause more damage to your place. As soon as you see these cracks on your floor, call your trusted contractors, and do not wait any longer and have it repaired.

Problem: Chemical or biological contamination to floors

Poorly installed, damaged, or obsolete flooring can cause a number of environmental problems in your facility. Floor coverings that are porous or that absorb, rather than repel, spills, leaks, moisture, or other substances, can create harmful and potentially dangerous working conditions. 

Every time chemical agents are spilled on your damaged or cracked floor, it will seep on the inside causing more damage not only to the surface but also to the deep parts of your floors. 

Have a repair and choose epoxy flooring. This will eliminate the risk of dangerous bacterial growth or chemical build-up in tile joints or cracked grout. A durable, seamless floor covering is easier to clean and is free of bacteria or chemicals.

Problem: Injuries from slips, trips, and falls due to slippery floors in the workplace

If your floor is old and worn, it will become less slip resistant over time. This can lead to slips, falls, and injuries to your staff or employees. As a business owner, you are responsible for these situations. 

You have to decide what is best for your workplace and consider every factor affecting your flooring. Have non-slip epoxy flooring systems in your facility, which is designed to be safe, durable, easy to maintain, and attractive. With this, a seamless operation to your business continues, and your workers will feel happy and comfortable working in your facility again. 

Your flooring doesn't have to be boring

If you are looking for durable flooring yet aesthetically pleasing to the eye, the epoxy flooring can offer a wide range of colors for your floor and leaves a glossy finish. Your floor will look clean and sophisticated with this kind of flooring.

Commercial buildings where the look is important can choose this option and enjoy the beauty it brings. Epoxy flooring is durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean and maintain. Do not stick to dull colors and give your facility a colorful view. 

However, make sure that the color you will choose does not hurt your workers' eyes every time they see it. Avoid choosing red or orange colors, and as much as possible, stick to neutral or bright colors. 


With a dedicated team of industrial flooring specialists, they can reduce the risk of exposure to environmental contaminants by thoroughly assessing whether your existing flooring is dangerous and providing solutions that meet your business or facility's needs.

From the solution that they will offer this will improve the appearance of your facility. With experts by your side, you can guarantee correct information and the proper repair and installation. 

Are you in need of repair for your facility? Look for a professional company with years of experience and certified to make your facility up to standards. You can visit the website of Superior Concrete Finishes for more information!



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