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Everyone talks about cavity but the reality is, not everyone has a clear idea what it really is. The cavity is the damaged hollow space in teeth which is damaged by the action of bacteria in the teeth, which produces acid from food which sticks into our mouth and damages the structure of the teeth. Cavities are of a different color from white to black depending on the different stage. Basically, the main symptoms of the cavity are:

• Pain.
• Tooth loose.
• Difficult eating.

So, before we start discussing more what cavity is, we should know about its early sign and prevention. Early signs that cavity shows are the pain in teeth while eating cool and hot substances such as ice cream, cold drink, ice, tea, coffee, soup etc. In the early stage of cavity enamel and dentin are destroyed and the cavity becomes more visible. It only destroys the upper layer of teeth. The affected area of teeth starts changing color and becomes soft to touch which is the sign that roots are becoming weak.

The best way to deal with the dental cavity is a regular dental checkup mainly after every six months, use right toothpaste, brush your teeth regularly two times in a day and a less consumption of sugar and fluoride. Screening can also result in early detection of the cavity. Advice about tooth care help the children to prevent cavity and make teeth strong from an early stage of life. Depending upon the amount of damage, various treatments are provided to restore the teeth and it can be removed easily with treatments.

A dental cavity seems common in 32% of the worldwide population and the basic reason for is irregular dental visit and consumption of more junk food in daily life. Eating food which consists of more quantity of sugar substances make our teeth weak and invites various teeth problems. Nowadays we can see the problem of the cavity even in small baby and most commonly seen in children and adults living in countries especially like India having a rich sweet food culture. The possible reason is that in such countries, consumption of sugar is high as compared to others. The acid which breakdown from sugar substances create lots of problem in the human body such as:

• The sugar-acid breakdown in saliva may cause diabetes
• Exposure to the roots of the teeth may lead to tooth loss

The dentist also recommends various toothpaste consist of salt and various healthy products for teeth to prevent the dental problem. Even the government also set up free dental care test and treatments for the poor and people below poverty to provide the right treatment on time.

Parents supervising are also very important to control dental problems. They should control the eating habit of their children like less consumption of sugar, junk food, less consumption of sugary drinks and limited snacks. Rinse the child mouth with salt water by focusing more on sensitive areas. Adults at the same time need to be as careful as the children as teeth cavities are easy to prevent. All it needs is a little care and efforts to keep our teeth healthy.

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