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Solang Valley is the perfect place to visit during summers and the winters in 2021. Things to do in Solang Valley and how to reach

Travel Destinations that are open all through the year are not that many to be found. Solang Valley is the most ideal destination to experience adventure sports and activities in Manali. All through the year, the valley of Solang is available with all its rich experiences for the tourists.

The beautiful Solang Valley is only around 15 kilometers far from Manali. The valley of Solang is right in the middle of the Beas Kund and Solang Village. Solang valley offers some of the most beautiful views of the mountains, glaciers, and forests. The altitude of Solang Valley is more than 8000 feet from the sea level.

This valley is also famously known as ‘Solang Nala’ among the local people. The name ‘Solang Nala’ roughly means ‘Village next to the River’. By the skiing enthusiasts, this valley is considered a Ski Resort. This is because it being a popular skiing destination with various ski courses that are taught here. 

There are many places in Manali and Kullu where adventure seekers can find activities to engage in. But, Solang Valley is a one-stop destination for various adventure sports and activities for all kinds of tourists. The gorgeous backdrop of the mountains and scenic landscapes makes this destination the best addition to the popular Himachal tour packages

Among the adventure tourism communities, Solang Valley is popularly known as a ‘Skiing Paradise’ in Manali. But apart from Skiing, Solang Valley has a whole lot to offer to the adventure seekers visiting Manali. Travelers who wish to experience all the natural beauty can find the best scenes to enjoy during the spring season. 

Solang Valley sightseeing tours offered by the tour operators usually include popular destinations along with some adventure activities. Solang valley is perfect for adventurers, nature lovers, and regular travelers. 

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What is the best time to visit Solang Valley?

The valley is open for tourists all year round and because of this reason, Solang Valley is a perfect holiday destination. During the summer season, the valley is blessed with lush green landscapes with tourists wishing to experience the sport of Paragliding. And during the winter season, the snow cover brings the raw beauty of the valley to come out. Sports like Skiing and Skating are the most popular activities during this time. The valley is uniquely different in both summers and winters and it is worth the effort to visit the valley in both seasons. 

You can explore the whole region of the valley in a day but it is good if you can spend at least 2 days to enjoy nature and experience various activities here. 

What tourist activities are available in Solang Valley?

There is plenty of adventure and non-adventure activities to indulge in during your stay in Solang Valley. Even as an adventure traveler, you can always find things to do in Solang Valley.

Here are some of the activities that made Solang Valley famous

1. Skiing

Undoubtedly, Solang Valley is known as the best skiing destination in India. It provides the best terrain for skiers to have a fascinating experience of this sport. There are areas in Solang Valley that are used by both experienced and novice skiers. Skiing remains one of the best things to do in Solang Valley. 

Solang Valley also gained popularity because of the famous Winter Skiing Festival that is held here annually. It brings in Skiing enthusiasts from all over the country. 

The Winter season with snow-laden terrain is the perfect time to enjoy Skiing in Solang valley Manali. For regular travelers who wish to experience skiing can pay anywhere from Rs. 300 to 1000.

2. Paragliding

Paragliding is an important addition to the suggested Shimla Kullu Manali tour package offered by the travel agents. After the world-renowned paragliding destination of Bir  Billing, Solang Valley can easily be considered as the second-best destination for the sport of Paragliding. 

During the summer season, Paragliding is the most popular adventure sport to experience in the Solang Valley. Paragliding is available for both beginner and experienced people. Paragliding through the beautiful valley is one of the best things to do in Solang Valley. The Paragliding cost can be anywhere from Rs. 600 to Rs. 1000.

3. Zorbing

This adventure sport involves a giant transparent ball being rolled downhill with you inside it. Zorbing is an adventure sport that is slowly gaining popularity among the tourist community. 

This is the most fun activity for the regular tourists who visit Solang Valley with their families and friends. The price to avail of this experience can range anywhere from Rs.400 to Rs. 1000. Among the young tourists, Zorbing is the most popular adventure activity to engage in.

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4. Sledding

Sledding is a relatively new adventure sport that is gaining rapid popularity among thrill-seekers. The sport involves riding a Snowmobile across the snow-laden terrain. 

The tour operators in Solang Valley often let the tourists take a sightseeing tour of the whole valley while riding a Snowmobile. It’s a very exciting way to take a quick tour of the valley. For young travelers, this is one of the best things to do in Solang Valley.

This Snowmobile ride can be hired starting from Rs. 500. Sledding can be experienced by both beginners and experienced travelers. 

5. Camping

 For most people, adventure is not their cup of tea. Some tourists just wish to stay in the Solang Valley to simply admire the beauty of the valley. Many tourists visit the valley only for a day or two before heading out to other destinations.

 Camping is the best activity to recommend travelers who are just interested in relaxing in the lap of nature. Camping right in the middle of the rich green meadows and watching the stars at night is an unforgettable experience. For the backpackers, this is an ideal location to camp. 

 Camping tents are available on rent for the people who wish to experience camping out. Summers are the best time for camping activities because there is no snow cover underneath. 

6. Ropeway Riding

Solang Valley Ropeway is also known as Gondola has become a semi-adventure activity for many tourists visiting the valley. This short journey to the top of the mountain is a beautiful experience. You can clearly see the beautiful valley in its entirety from a height. 

The ropeway ride can be availed at the price of around 500 rupees. The normal speed of the ropeway ride is 6 meters per second. The view from the cabin of the ropeway encapsulates all the activities that are happening in the valley.

Apart from the adventure activities available in the valley of Solang, there is one village which is a tourist attraction worth mentioning. The travelers who are looking to spend some more time in the Valley can visit the nearby village of Kothi.

The Kothi Village is a destination for people who wish to get away from the crowd in the main Solang valley. This small village is a beautiful escape to find a peaceful location. Kothi is only around 5 kilometers away from the Solang Valley location. 

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Paragliding in Solang Valley, Manali (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)


Things to consider before traveling to the Solang Valley

Well, it is quite easy to go to Solang Valley just on a whim. However, to have a fruitful travel experience, it is always wise to get as much information as possible about your travel destination. Following are some of the things you should consider before visiting the Solang Valley. 

1. Weather Check: 

Firstly, the most important piece of information that will determine the quality of your stay is the Weather condition. It is a good practice to check the weather conditions of any of your travel destination. 

 However, for Solang Valley, the weather can become extremely cold during the winters. So, it would be a good idea to prepare oneself before going there in the winter season. Carrying warmers and a heavy sleeping bag can be some of the considerations to think about before traveling. 

 2. Advance Booking: 

During the peak tourist season, it is advisable to make an advanced booking for your hotel accommodation in and near Solang Valley. During the peak summers and winters, the number of tourists visiting here is quite large. So it is good if you can make an arrangement way ahead of time to avoid any hassles of not finding the right accommodation. 

 3. Permit:  

It is quite common for tourists visiting the Solang Valley to travel to the famous Rohtang Pass to experience the snowfall. Most of the people who are traveling to Rohtang Pass for the first time do not know that a permit is required to travel here. You can easily obtain the permit directly from the tourism authorities. 

 4. Medicine:

It goes without saying but it is a best practice among travelers to carry all the essential medicines along with the first aid kit. If you plan to engage in a lot of adventurous activities, it is crucial to be prepared medically and also against the natural elements. 

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How to reach Solang Valley?

If you have already made your decision to travel to Solang Valley, then there are various ways of traveling here. Your decision to choose the best medium will be dependent on your budget and the timeframe within which you wish to finish your journey. 

1. Traveling by Road: 

 Solang Valley is very well connected by Road. Hence, some buses are available constantly to take you here. The normal route for the bus is from Delhi to Chandigarh and then to Manali. From Manali, there are many taxis available to take you to the Valley.

 Also, among the travelers from Punjab and Delhi, the common way to reach Manali is by their vehicle. This road trip is quite long but it's an experience loved by many. 

 2. Traveling by Air: 

This is the most time-saving way to reach Manali. You can book a flight to the nearest airport which is located in the town of Bhuntar. Bhuntar is around 60 kilometers away from the Solang Valley. It is quite easy to find a taxi which can take you directly to Solang Valley or your hotel. 

 3. Traveling by Train:

The train ride is quite comfortable and is easy on the pocket as well. You can book the train to various destinations such as Joginder Nagar Railway station which is the nearest to Manali. Then comes Chandigarh Station and then lastly, Ambala station. After reaching any of these stations, you can either take a bus or a cab to reach Solang Valley.

In the recent past, Solang Valley has been considered by many as the perfect vacation destination. If you wish to take part in any of the popular adventure activities, then look no further than the beautiful Solang Valley. This destination is a great place to marinate in the best of nature’s beauty and serenity. 

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