Solve your child issue with pregnancy prediction

If you are in any type of pregnancy problem solve them with a pregnancy horoscope from the best astrologer for pregnancy prediction.

If you are in any type of pregnancy problem solve them with a pregnancy horoscope from the best astrologer for pregnancy prediction.


Child issue is a very common problem in India nowadays. There might be many factors that are responsible for it like unhealthy food, smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking more stress on a daily basis. But beyond this kundli prediction for pregnancy has its own view that how the zodiac sign and planets in the respective house affect them. So, in the coming paragraphs, you will get to know many details about the pregnancy problem and its solutions.


Pregnancy prediction astrology with zodiac signs

As you know zodiac signs are a very important part of prediction in any field of astrology. One of the common questions our astrologers face like when will I get pregnant astrology prediction free? If you are in any type of such question and get solutions to the difficulties. There are 12 different zodiac signs and have different views as per Vedic astrology.

There are some good horoscope signs for pregnancy like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Some bad horoscope for pregnancy signs like Aries, Gemini, Leo, and Virgo. Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius are some which do not denote any relevance to pregnancy. Other than these details you can get many more from according to my kundli when I get pregnant free service.


How 5th house responsible for Childbirth prediction in kundli?

There are many houses in the horoscope but every respective house is responsible for every individual prediction. So as per pregnancy prediction horoscope free, 5th house is very much relevant with childbirth prediction. Some important facts to know about the 5th house and its relation with pregnancy are listed below:


  • If the lord of the 5th house is present in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house then it is very problematic during pregnancy.
  • 5th house should not be acquired by mars. It is a bad sign.
  • Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn should not acquire the 5th house in the horoscope.
  • Combination of Jupiter and 5th house known to be the best combination.
  • If the lord of the 1st house and 5th house is vice versa this promotes childbirth.

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 Solve problems by Kundli prediction for pregnancy

There are many problems that arise during pregnancy like surgery baby which is responsible for the Mars placement in the 5th house, stillbirth is another very havoc as the baby dies in the mother’s womb after the 22 weeks of pregnancy.

So below are some essential steps that to be taken to solve this as per child birth prediction:

  • Conception has a higher probability 10-20 days before menstruation
  • Moon is above the horizon
  • Moon and sun have crossed the sun’s path
  • Moon transiting Jupiter’s path



How Planets play an important role during pregnancy astrology?

Every planet in the horoscope has a role in astrology just like Venus is for marriage, Jupiter goes for free child prediction in kundli. Jupiter is the favorable planet for childbirth. So, We Should Always Judge the position of Jupiter in the Horoscope. Sun is known to be the ruler of the 5th house in the horoscope. Further Sun is known to be Life and Energy. So, Sun also Plays a Vital Role.

Mars is the favorable to 8th house Scorpio in the horoscope. The 8th house is the House of Sexual Organ or intimacy. For Man, it is the Manly Energy that is required for Reproduction.


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