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Some important hair care tips for monsoon season

Monsoon in India is famous for bringing the greenery and end of the heat wave. However, it is additionally known for hair damage which occurs due to extreme humidity. In any case, don't worry, have a look at these top 7 tips for hair care in monsoon season

During the rainy seasons we often neglect our skin, thinking that due to the lack of sun we can ride the waves of rain to good clear skin. But the increase in humidity and moisture can lead to more skin problems then we may have bargained for. If your skin is already naturally oily then be warned, it may only get worse. Along with an increase in oil production there may be more breakouts popping up. To avoid this and to take control of your slippery skin, try these tips:

Wash your face with lukewarm or hot water as this allows the oil to be stripped from the face more easily then using cold water.

To avoid a build up of oil make sure you use a mild toner if you don't already use one to help combat those pesky pimples and to tighten up the pores. Rosewater comes highly recommended as a toner as well as an Aloe Vera toner.

Face scrubs are perfect for ex foliation and a complete cleansing of the skin, getting rid of those dead skin cells. Helping to purge all the bacteria and dirt that may have taken residence on your face all throughout the day.

Monsoon is the time when fungal infections show its ugly fangs. Most of these problems are not life-threatening but the unwillingness to pay attention may increase the risk and severity of the condition. To save your skin from severe skin condition here is the solution- Caladew soothing and calamine lotion.

Make sure you check your moisturizer for an oil-free or water based label as these will help keep oil in check.

Mud masks are great for drying up that excess oil and trapping bacteria, stripping it all away when the mask comes off.

If you can, try and wear limited makeup, as this will allow your face to breathe. It will also help you avoid infections and congestion of the skin so your foundation isn't mixing with the damp humidity and bacteria.

Just because there is limited sun exposure due to overbearing rainclouds doesn't mean that the sun won't affect you, so always wear sunscreen regardless of the weather.

Monsoon in India is famous for bringing the greenery and end of the heat wave. However, it is additionally known for hair damage which occurs due to extreme humidity. In any case, don't worry, have a look at these top 7 tips for hair care in monsoon season.

Keep Your Hair Dry
Although you may have the desire to get your hair wet in the rain, keep in mind that rain water is grimy and acidic, which is truly terrible for the hair. In this way, try your best to keep them dry unless you're stuck in a heavy downpour. This is surely one of the least complex yet best tip.

Use Shampoo Twice A Week
Utilize a high quality shampoo to eliminate any deposit on your head deserted by heavy rains. It is not difficult to get crinkly, unhealthy hair amid monsoon and thus utilizing a decent shampoo can sustain your tresses and avert contagious or bacterial contaminations. Furthermore, always shampoo from root to tip.

Oil Massage

There's nothing more as useful for your hair during the monsoon season as a oil massage. It actually helps the dampness in your hair which revives dry strands. Besides, provides intense conditioning as well. Keep in mind not to utilize an excess of massage else you'll end up over-shampooing in an attempt to remove the oil, which will harm your hair.

Avoid Tying
If you're tying up your hair during the monsoon season, then you're welcoming water to get absorbed, which will make it frizzier. In cases, if you really have to tie your hair, then choose simple styles like ponytails and buns.

Staying Waterproof Is Great

The most ideal approach to secure your hair in the monsoon season is to put some cash in a high-quality waterproof raincoat, jacket with a hoodie or cap.

Get The Best Comb Or Brush

There's is simply no doubt that a wide tooth comb or brush is your most solid option during the monsoon season. Not just does it help in detangling your strands, in fact, it additionally serves as an excellent conditioning brush.

Condition Your Hair Properly

The correct approach to condition your hair is by abstaining from utilising an excessive amount of conditioner and applying conditioner just at the ends and lengths of your hair. Don't forget to utilise a wide tooth brush, as specified before as it will provide the conditioner a decent spread. After applying condition in a proper manner, rinse it with cold water.

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