Sound and Fury

Sound and Fury is one of the few documentary movies that really makes a person think about values, dreams, and goals in life.

Sound and Fury is one of the few documentary movies that really makes a person think about values, dreams, and goals in life. This film inspires the deepest feelings. It is filled with strong emotions and power. The main fact is that it is a documentary movie. In such a way, it is a real story that shows a real emotional experience

The film was shown on the big screen in 2000. Sound and Fury immediately won love of the audience. The director of the movie is Josh Aronson. The movie received numerous nominations for the most prestigious awards.

Sound and Fury is a story of three families. The main character in the film, Heather Artinian, is a little girl. She is only six years old, and she is deaf. Her parents are Peter and Nita, and they also have two more children. All the members of the family are unable to hear. These days, the news spread in the world that with the help of modern cochlear implants, a person can hear. Considerably, this new technology is a real miracle that can improve many lives. Deaf people in the United States divide into two parts. Some of them consider a cochlear implant a real miracle of medicine. Nevertheless, there are also those who deem that the implant will bring only disadvantages starting with health problems in the future and ending with difficulties in socializing in the “normal” community. Heather’s parents belong to the second group. They are members of the club that fights against the usage of implants. Peter is a leader of this community. They believe that cochlear implants will destroy the sign language and the whole culture of deaf people. In such a way, they are shocked when their daughter has announced that she is planning to have a cochlear implant. Heather states that it is a dream of her life – to hear people and the whole world. She wants to hear every possible sound on the planet. Nevertheless, Heather’s parents are against this idea considering that they are born deaf and should remain such till the end, otherwise unless they lose their real identity.

The second family consists of Chris Artinian, who is married to Mari. Chris is Peter’s brother. In contrast to the sibling, Chris can hear. However, their child is deaf, and unlike Peter and Nina, the parents want their son to receive a cochlear implant. The third family consists of Chris and Peter’s parents. They are the older generation who preserve old traditions and ideas. They categorically refuse to use implants and believe that without them, their grandchildren will be better. At first, Chris and Mari have persuaded Peter and Nita of advantages of this technology. However, Peter and Chris’ parents insist on not having a surgery. They examine the fact that no one knows how children will feel and communicate with their parents after the implant. Peter and Nita have soon realized that they are not ready for the daughter’s surgery. Peter is convinced that all their family has already adapted to the world of deaf with the help of sign language. According to the head of the family, they are united with all deaf people in the United States, and if his daughter receives the cochlear implant she will no longer be part of this community. In such a way, she will need to adapt to the ordinary world, and thus can lose her self esteem. Nita and Peter are afraid of losing a child. They understand that the implant will give great advantages to Heather. However, they cannot accept an idea that their girl will differ from them. Because of constant misunderstanding, Peter and Nita decide to move to Maryland and forget about the implant. They can educate and rear their children in the deaf community. In Maryland, there are many deaf people from the whole country.

The movie vividly depicts the deaf culture. It is the most important factor why Nita and Peter have refused to undergo a surgery for their daughter. Apparently, all deaf people in the country are members of a single community, which ties are extremely strong. They protect the sign language they use considering it part of their identity and personality.

The film raises several extremely important questions. Firstly, in modern social culture, such notions as skin color, political ideology, religion, physical attribute, and sexual orientation are not important. Moreover, the film emphasizes that every person is unique, and any difference makes them even more special. Predominantly, distinction between people is very significant.

In several years, the director has released a sequel of the movie. It is called Sound and Fury: Six Years Later. In the film, the author wants to unite the family and show the fate of adolescents and their parents.

The film tells the readers about three generations of one family. Each family has deaf members. In such a way, all of them know how to live being deaf. All the people in the family have different traditions and ideas for the future of their children. Sound and Fury shows the viewer a real world of deaf people. It depicts their language and culture. This film is extraordinary. Seemingly, Sound and Fury is both intellectually challenging and intensely moving.