south indian jewellery

south indian jewellery

Sneharateria is specialise in customised Latest Indian Jewellery, Temple Jewellery, cz jewellery sets, Trendy Jewellery, South Indian Jewellery - Anything!

Purchase south indian jewellery from Sneha Rateria. Our plans are hand picked from jewellery designers from all over India. This South Indian midriff belt is made with outstanding character and standout quality, finish and hope to discharge its splendor and unmistakable excellence.

All our South Indian Waist-belt are made with silver and lab-made jewels by Swarovski stones. This specific piece is done with 18K gold clean, which deferrals discoloring for 2-3 years.

They are modern and chic, but the finish reflects the workmanship of the city of Kolkata, the epitome of craftsmanship.


Our Features: 

Customised as per customer's need

Free Delivery within India

Lifetime Guarantee

Nickle & Lead Free Available

We additionally give life time ensure. On the off chance that the piece requires re-polishing or fix we will do it whenever, at no additional expense.

Hip Belt Models are made to your determinations. Along these lines, we will take 35-40 working days to convey.

You can generally get in touch with us on Whatsapp (+91 98303 18958) Or email me at for questions regarding gems or regardless of whether you simply need to talk.

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