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Stella News Analysis | Now What are options India have to take against Pakistan

What are the option India have after Pulwama Massive Terrorist Blast Attack on CRPF convoy ? 14 feb 2019 is big black day for Indian Armed Force and the specially for the CRPF . On  the day, CRPF has lost the more than 40 Soldiers of their force and more than 50 are injured in Pulwama Terrorist Attack by an Adil name terrorist of Jesh-e Mohd Pakistan sponsored Organisation.

What are the option India have after Pulwama Massive Terrorist Blast Attack on CRPF convoy ?

14 feb 2019 is big black day for Indian Armed Force and the specially for the CRPF . On  the day, CRPF has lost the more than 40 Soldiers of their force and more than 100 are injured in Pulwama Terrorist Attack by an Adil named terrorist of Jesh-e Mohd Pakistan sponsored Organisation.

Terrorist was in Eco car with more than 300 kg explosive bomb and he drove fast and hit with bus of CRPF in which large number of CRPF Soldiers were travelling to their post.

3-4 bus effected in this attack. The Blast was so high intensity that 3-4 km area house’s window glasses broken with the vibration.

Although, This attack had blasted on CRPF, but all India is effected internally, all the states of  India , All Districts and all villages, the 135 crore of Indians are in anger. They just want to retaliate and want to revenge and only revenge. less than revenge , people of India do not want anything from Pakistan.

So , the matter is very warm, Also, the Govt. of India is under the pressure of people ‘s emotion.

People are demanding just only revenge like surgical Strike part 2 or direct war attack on Pakistan ‘s terrorist area.

Also, Prime Minister Modi has warned 3-4 time in 3 days of Pulwama  attack directly to Pakistan’s terrorist AKKAS.

PM Modi said ,” Indian Army has authorized with full freedom to do on their own hand”. Indian Army free to do give answer to Pakistan . Indian Army will choose the place, Time ,area of attack .

PM Modi also said to people of India ,”Please keep patience and have faith on Indian Army”.

Indian Army will give big retaliation answer to Pakistan terrorist at right time. And this time answer will be very responsive.

After the Direct statement of PM Modi of India , Pakistan has ordered his complete army and air force and navy on the red high alerted.

And also Pakistan army is in tensi environment that now what will be ? They know that something will be ?

But what it will be ? where it will be ? Also Pakistan Govt and Pakistani Media is tension for what will be retaliate ?

All party leaders of Pakistan send their family out of the Pakistan. All Pakistani Terriorist's Akkas has been hidden in their shelter house because of fear.

Also , Pakistan govt is going under International Pressure day by day. 

Many  Europe Country has closed Business with Pakistan.

All super Power of world has condemn this attack and give sympathy  with the India and soldiers ‘s family.

 Russian President Mr. Putin has written a letter of sympathy  with Indian Soldier’s family and said that Russia is stand with India.

One of the Best Friend, which is Isreal  has given full support to India and Indian army and  their family members.

American senate has given their statement in the favor of  India and against the terrorism of Pakistan and American NSA has talked with Indian NSA Mr. Ajit Dobal more than 2 times in the case of  Pulwama Terrorists .

“But Now Question is running all over the world that now What action will India take against Pakistan.”

Will India do Surgical Strike again ? Will the war be again between India and  Pakistan ?

We have analyze some Points Option that now How many option India have right now against Pakistan .

Friends , There are a large number of option India have against Pakistan that Pakistan will be in the feet of India.

1) first, Indian army can do surgical strike on the terrorists area again.

2) second , Indian air force can strike on terrorist area in POK or other hidden area in Pakistan. Indian Air force have the best capability of air strike in the area of 5 to 10 metre of the target area on earth from the sky.

3) Big Bombing Drone Air Strike on the Jesh-a Mohmad area.

4) Indian Navy can strike by missile attack on Lashkar and JEM terrorist area near by Karachi.

5) Indian Foreign Minister is trying to gathering the other country hand and trying to explain the pulwama attack.

6) recently , FATF meeting is going on  17-22 February 2019  FATF Plenary and Working Group meetings, Paris    FATF. The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is an intergovernmental organization that designs and promotes policies and standards to combat financial crime. Recommendations created by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) target money laundering, terrorist financing, and other threats to the global financial system.

The most Important thing we want to explain that Pakistan is in Grey list of FATF. Indian Foreign ministry is participating this meeting and preparing Dozier Document of Pulwama attack will explain in this meeting to all members. If the members feels that Pakistan is using the helping Donation money in terrorism and then they can put Pakistan name in Black List. India will try to put Pakistan’s name in Black list. If once Pakistan name will be in Black List. any Country can not donate money to Pakistan. Pakistan is already begging money from china and other arbian country.

America also already stopped the money help. Only China is providing money little. But if Pakistan will be in Black List , then China could not help Pakistan in Donation Money.

This is will ber very aggressive action of Indian without any war.

7) Sindhu River Water Sandhi.it is also called Indus water Treaty. It  Can be Very Effective action against Pakistan. There are six river water goes through India. The Indus Waters Treaty is a water-distribution treaty between India and Pakistan, brokered by ... Per Article I of IWT, any river/ tributary and its catchment area of Indus System of Rivers which are not part of other five rivers, is part of Indus river..To read more here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indus_Waters_Treaty

IF India breaks this sandhi . Pakistan will die without water. Pakistan’s unstable economy will die suddenly.

8) In UNO , India can submit the Dozier of Pullwama Terror attack. Pakistan can be in danger. If India will be success. Pakistan will be under pressure to do action against terrorists .

9) the Most Important thing ,  Indian Army is one of the Professional Army and have a big capability to do any operation. In the History, Indian Army has proved its capabilyt in previous war either its is first world war , second world war, 1947-48, 1962 china war, 1965 war, 1971 war , kargil war, Surgical Strike 2016. All over the world Indian Army, Air Force and Indian Navy have their capabilities.

They will definitely revenge of their soldiers.

This time revenge area will be high .

So, We analyse these option India have action against Pakistan. Hope you got & If you have some thing review you can give in comments.

Thanks you….

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